Friday, August 20, 2010

Climbing Trees on Family Fun Friday

Family Fun Activities:  #68. Climb a tree.

I loved climbing trees as a kid and so do my children.  There's just something exciting about stretching to reach that next branch.  It's also magical to sit high up, looking down on everyone and everything that usually looks down on you.

I highly recommend you allow you kids to climb trees.  It's good for their development.  I promise. 

Will hangs by one hand!  Wish I had that kind of arm strength.

Ben joins the monkey action.

See, it's not that high.  The perfect climbing tree with low branches.

Yes, I set the baby in the tree.
The branches crossed and made a perfect seat for him.

My four monkeys in a tree.
Did you climb trees as a kid?  Do your children climb trees?

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Disclaimer:  If you let your kids climb trees as a result of this post and one falls out and gets hurt, I am in no way liable.  :)


Michelle (lemonadeGal) said...

That is a perfect tree for climbing! We love to climb trees at our house, but I have to admit, we haven't done it in a while. Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh, and I would have put the baby in the tree for a photo, too. :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Yes and yes. We've got some great kid-friendly ones in our yard. A little on the high side, perhaps -- I've had to go up and rescue them a time or two.

Linda @ Country Road Faith said...

As a child, I conquered far away lands,and lived in a castle up high in trees, which were only in my yeard.
Now the pine tree is only a dead tree where birds sit and complain. A storm took the top out and it died, but it reminds me to be grateful that my house wasn't taken with it. The pecan tree is handicapped with only one branch, but it still produces pecans.
These two trees remain in our yard; I live in the house in which I grew up. Maybe they keep me young in my mind.
In Ezekiel 17: 24, The Lord says,"It is I who makes the green tree wither and give the dead tree new life." Do you have new life in Christ?


Janelle said...

I absolutely climbed trees as a kid! I used to drag books ups in "my tree" and sit forever in a little seat-like area. Unfortunately for my kids, we live in the 'burbs with weeny little trees. Someday they'll see the joys...and learn what a squirrel is...

Marjorie said...

my mom never let us climb trees growing up after a cousin got really hurt doing it :( cute pics!

Jason and Gretchen said...

Yes and Yes - usually I just let mine out the door to climb or whatever, it is best I don't see how high they get, right?

Olivia said...

I spent many happy childhood hours in a tree! I love it!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

It makes me smile to see that so many girls climbed trees as a kid! I remember being the only girl in our trees and the rest thinking I was crazy for climbing.

We have one fabulous oak tree in our backyard. While it gives great shade and homes for birds and squirrels the lowest limb is much too high for climbing. So my kids make do with climbing trees at parks and climbing all over our swing set. And by all over I mean sitting on the top of the thing. For the most part I encourage it. I encourage them to climb when they are little (like my 22 month old) so they're "skills" develop so that when they are big enough to reach the really big stuff they'll be good at it.

M.K. said...

Kids really don't climb trees anymore - so sad! I fell out of a tree once as a teen, and I don't think I've done it since. But -- my daughter Julia has a very large tree in our backyard with 3 big parts in the trunk. She sits in it and calls it her "reading tree." Trees are wonderful. That's a really great tree you have there!

The Wrangler said...

It gives little monkeys such a feeling of accomplishment and success---and freedom! I love watching my monkeys climb!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sad to say I was not much of a tree climber. Maybe my fear of heights are to blame!

ajourneyinmommying said...

We had this AMAZING, big mimosa tree that we spent HOURS in every summer at my grandmother's. I loved being up so high and from summer to summer growing more so I could climb higher and higher. It was such a neat tree sad that lightening struck it and it had to be cut down. I remember climbing with dozens of cousins sometimes and sometimes just one of my sisters.

The boys love to climb, too!

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