Saturday, January 12, 2008


You may recall from this post that Ellie Belly Jelly Bean enjoys chocolate. Let me just say, that is an understatement.

Every Saturday morning Joel cooks chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Every Saturday. In fact, that's how the kids know it's Saturday and Daddy's staying home.

Ellie always gets her pancakes before the rest of us. She just can't resist that stack of golden yumminess. By the time we sit down to eat our pancakes she is covered in chocolate.

In case you've never had chocolate chip pancakes, imagine regular pancakes with chocolate chips in them. And we all know what happens to chocolate when it gets warm... it melts. Thus the mess. But that's not the funny part.

The funny thing is watching her eat the pancakes. She has perfected two different techniques. Here are her instructions if you care to try a new way of enjoying pancakes.

First there is the "Hole Punch:" Hold the pancake in one hand. Search for the chocolate chips. Poke the chips out of the pancake with your index finger. Eat the chips. When all the chips are gone, and Daddy won't give you another pancake, then you eat the plain pancake.

Technique number two is more of a "Chomp" method. First, search for the chips in the pancake. Align the chip portion of the pancake with your mouth. Then chomp. Repeat until all the chips are gone.

Naturally these techniques require eating with your hands and will result in a huge mess. If you try this at home I strongly suggest wearing a bib. It should go without saying that syrup is NOT applied to the pancakes. I also recommend having a wet wipe or wet cloth handy when you're finished. And try to keep your chocolate covered hands out of your hair. Unless you go in for the Alfalfa-look.


Amy said...

Great methods! Way to go Ellie! Happy Chomping!

Julie said...

Smart, girl!

Alicia said...

Love it!! Hysterical!

Dawn in KY said...

Sounds like Ellie knows how to appreciate chocolate! I think we could be really good friends, as long as we don't have to share our chocolate, of course. : D

Anonymous said...

Too funny. We love chocolate chip pancakes at our house, too, but have never tried eating them quite like Ellie.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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