Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Miraculous Bed

About mid-morning today I found Will laying (laying or lying? which should it be?) in my bed. The ensuing conversation went like this:

me: Why are you in my bed?
Will: Cause my belly is full of food and poochin' out. See?
me: Yep. It's poochin' out. So why are you in my bed?
Will: If I lay in your bed it will make the food go away and my tummy won't pooch out.
me: Let me know how that works for you.

About five minutes later:

Will: It worked! See? My belly's not poochin' out.
me: Well, how about that!! It did work!

Later at lunch I informed Joel we have an amazing bed and given the amount of time we've each spent in the bed in the past week we should be rail thin be now. Rails we are not so there is some debate as to whether this miracle actually works for big people.

But for little people, momma and daddy's bed is an miraculous place. (It should be noted that my children DO NOT sleep in my bed so being on my bed is a treat.)


Julie said...

ohhh! Can I come lay (or lie) on your bed for a few days?

mer said...

Can you ship your bed to Colorado please? I need a skinny bed.

As for 15 degrees, yep, that's cold. We were in single digits the week of Christmas and I didn't even want to open the door to let Jack out. Brrrr. Thankfully we're supposed to hit 50 today and tomorrow before another snow storm rolls in. I'll take it!

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