Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Weather Update

I just feel the need to let you fine folks who are a little closer to the equator know that the current temperature outside my house in Rhode Island at 8:49 pm on Thursday night is 15 degrees Farenheit.

Yes, I said, 15. As in BELOW freezing.


I believe I'm plugging in the electric blanket tonight. Cause that is just plain ol' cold, I don't care where you're from!!!


Sarah said...

Hey Stephanie!

Of course I remember you, but it did take me a moment to remember your last name- some days I can't even remember my own last name. :) I love your posts and reflections on mommyhood.
I'm there with you about this cold weather- we're currently in PA. Brrrrrr!!!! It's not so much the temp (we were previously in CO) but the humidity is killing me!!!
Stay warm!

Morgan Leigh said...

Ohh...that's way too cold for me. :) Found your blog through Beth Moore's comment section. :) Love the picture on the right.


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