Sunday, January 20, 2008

Farley McFirefly says God is always watching over us.

Every night after I put Ellie in her bed, and Joel finishes getting the boys ready for bed, we all sit in the boys' bedroom and have our family devotional. Right now this consists of Joel, Will & Ben taking turns choosing a devotional reading from the boys' Psalty's Kids Bible.

Each devotion is based on a scripture passage. Joel reads the scripture, then the devotion, and then they take turns praying. (Ben's prayer is almost always the same. "Thank you, Jesus, for this food.Amen.")

Every third night Ben chooses "God is with You" from Psalm 121. Every third night. For months. Will gets really annoyed with this. But I think it's cute.

What's even more cute is that the boys can now quote the entire Psalm AND the "Psalty Says" devotion. Word. For. Word. How incredible is that? Scripture memorization without even trying. It just goes to show they are able to do one of my goals for 2008 - memorize a whole Psalm each month.

And Farley McFirefly? He's the character in the devotion for Psalm 121. He lights up a tent for a little boy afraid of the dark. Then he reminds the boy that "God is always watching over them, so they didn't need to be afraid."


Rachel said...

My husband and I really love The Jesus Storybook Bible~Every Story Whispers His Name.
It takes all the stories from the Bible and ties it in with Jesus and how its all connected. The illustrations are beautiful and we really like the message of it. You can find it on Amazon for about $10. It's written by Sally Lloyd Jones and illustrated by Jago. You should check it out....and no I don't get anything for it. We just really like it. :)

Alicia said...


Amy said...

Funny how we can make memorization out to be a HUGE project and chore...yet, our kids can teach us that it really isn't. A Psalm a month...great idea! Imagine how many verses they'll have "hidden in their hearts!" (I know you already have imagined and that is why you're making this your goal! :)

mer said...

So sweet!

I agree Rachel...the Jesus Storybook Bible is awesome! Definitely something to add to your collection one of these days.

Sara at Miller Moments said...

Oh my goodness, I am such a die hard Psalty fan! We have all the CDs for my kids now - but I grew up listening to them all the time! My daughter (6) has the Psalty bible - we hadn't even thought to read the devos from it. We'll have to get on that! :)

And like Farley says - give the GLOW-ry unto God! :)

(found you through Sarah's in the fun!)

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