Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quote of the Day, 1.2.07

Will is four-and-a-half years old. He has entered a new stage of imaginative play and has started making up his own songs. This provides us with no end of amusement! Tonight at supper we laughed at this little ditty.

"There's no way I'm smarter than a dog." Repeat ad nauseum.

I think what he meant was there's no way a dog is smarter than me but who wants to nit-pick about details? = )

Also, Ellie, who's 16 months old, is hitting a big verbal skills development stage. Don't get me wrong. She's a girl so she always been verbal. She's just starting to use her verbal skills to mimic the English language enough so that I can understand her words. Not that I've ever had difficulty understanding what she wants!

She currently says:
buh - brother
sop - stop (said emphatically to one of the buhs)
coo - cookie (the girl has got a sweet tooth!)
miw - milk
da - Daddy
ma - Mama (this has many variations depending on how insistent she is)
daw - down (generally when she wants to go downstairs where the boys are playing)
bw - bow (for her hair)

Once she really starts talking I'm going to need earplugs during the day. Between Ellie and William silence will soon be a valuable commodity around here.

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mer said...

So cute! I love that you're writing this stuff down. I tried to do that when my kids were smaller but I'm sure I've missed many, many moments! Yay for you.

Feeling better? I hope so.

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