Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Irony

After I sat downstairs in the freezing cold basement all last winter working on Frankie, tonight my wonderful techie husband decided to try "updating the video driver" on Frankie. Whatever that is. And guess what. The screen now works. Which means I COULD have sat upstairs and been warm last winter. And had a harder time justifying the expense of Sally this winter.

Oh, the irony!

Joel suggested, now that I can bring Frankie upstairs, that we send Sweet Sally back to her makers. I asked him which arm he'd like to send with her. Not that I'm a violent person or anything.


Alicia said...

I bet you're thinking the cold winter downstairs last year was worth getting Sally earlier rather than later!

Amy said...

Now you and Joel can BOTH sit upstairs where its warm and work side by side. Won't that be sweet? Praying you you guys tonight (Thursday!).

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