Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Playing the Pajama Card

Today finds me in my pajamas after lunch. Again. This is becoming an all too often occurrence. But I really do have good reasons today for playing the pajama card. Let me explain.

Reason #1. The children had finished their breakfasts and were playing downstairs while I finished my breakfast and puttered around trying to muster up motivation to tackle the day. In the middle of my mustering, Ben came upstairs and said, "I pooped." If you have an almost three year-old boy wearing diapers you know those words are seldom followed by a pleasant experience. Especially if the same boy pooped FIVE TIMES yesterday. Yes, I counted. 'Cause I changed all but ONE of those.

So, off we went to his bedroom to clean him up. Keep in mind he still had on his fleece footie pajamas. First, I laid him on his bed (he's WAY to big for the changing table and the bed is much better for my back than the floor), then I tried not to gag as the smell hit me square in the face. Oh, the smell!!!

Next I unzipped his pajamas and pulled out his legs. At this point my thought process went something like this: "My hand is wet. Why is my hand wet? Did his diaper leak again? OH.NO. IT'S POOP. ALL OVER HIS LEG. AND MY HAND. I'M THROWING AWAY THE PAJAMAS." Then reason kicked in, and my frugality. "I can't throw away the pajamas. They're Land's End and cost almost $40. UGH! I've got to clean them out."

Keep in mind I'm a veteran at this. I've got three kids four years old and under. I've been peed on, spit up on and puked on (multiple times and while first trimester pregnant!). I've used my own hand to wipe away snot and to catch vomit. All that for going on five years, and rarely do I gag or get squeamish. But today I was gagging.

I wasn't the only one. You know the smell is bad when the four year-old says, "Can I spray the stuff Daddy uses to make the room smell better?"

After taking a moment to compose myself, I carried Ben down the hall to the bathtub where I proceeded to rinse him off. I'll spare you the remaining details but will say that I ended up using some of my Bath & Body Works shower gel to clean his legs. He still has the faint scent of Velvet Tuberose. Which is fine with me!

After getting Ben cleaned up, dressed and rinsing out his pajamas, I decided to reward myself with another cup of hot tea and read a few blogs. Not long into this reward my cousin called.

Reason #2. I spent an hour on the phone talking to my cousin who lives in Kansas. Let me explain further. Cassie had her third daughter right after Christmas. She's home on maternity leave with a one month-old and a just-turned three year-old. Going back to work was looking really good to her today!

Reason #3. After getting off the phone I realized it was lunch time.

Reason #4. My mom called as the kids were finishing up lunch. Half-an-hour later we hung up. That was a short conversation for us.

Reason #5. I had to put the kids down for their naps and eat my lunch.

Reason #6. I'm writing this post, during which Ben has gotten out of bed 3 times and Will has woken up from his nap which means I'm interrupted every other sentence.

I'm sure if I waited long enough I could justify staying in my pajamas all day. But since I wrote about encouraging our husbands yesterday I probably should wrap this post up, go shower, wash the dishes, wash some laundry and cook supper. (sigh..) Staying in my pajamas sure sounds like the better idea.


Alicia said...

Girl, I feel ya.

Billie said...

yea! I am so excited i'm not the only PJ addict. I often find myself changing into clothe right before my hubby gets home so that I don't feel to pathetic about my day...or LOOK to pathetic! ;)

That is one of the reasons I worry about homeschooling...what if I can't motivate myself beyond computers, pajamas, coffee and phone calls? I'm excited to hear your experiences...I will let you try it 1st!

Ps. are you sure you're not pregnant? Although I've gagged too on stinky poops! And yes, I'm way to frugal to throw out pj's....just squirt them off with the garden hose!

Amy said...

So sorry. What else can I say?

mer said...

Eewwww! I've been known to throw pjs away, but you're right...Land's End would make me pause and probably find a way to clean 'em up. Yuck.

I love staying in my pjs...I sometimes take a shower and put a pair back on. My favorite days are ones spent entirely at home in my pjs. Love that!

Hope tomorrow starts off a little better and less smelly for you!

Thanks for praying for me today! It was good.

Sarah said...

I think staying in PJs all day is theraputic. Some days are just like that.
As for the PJ poop deal, been there too. Fortunately my 3 year old is not wearing as many footie pajamas as before but her brother is making up for it. And as for gagging, you don't have to be pregnant to gag at some diapers. Oooooh some are just like that, especially when they have that roda (rota??) virus. I'm also glad to know that I'm not the only one whose kids poop over 5 times in one day. We're just very regular around here. :)

Dawn in KY said...

Thanks for telling me what I have to look forward to. Sometimes Emily's diapers stink so bad they could curl your hair, but that is just formula. I don't even want to think about what solid food poops stink like! Thinking about having to clean all that up - makes me gag a little. I feel for ya!

Marc and Charity said...

Now this made me laugh. The footie pj's and poop is so not cool.

I have had one of those days all week. Did the make sense? I've managed to get my wet hair in a clip and sweats on, how sad.

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