Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Me Thinks She Likes Chocolate

This afternoon the kids and I finished off a batch of chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies. All of us enjoy this treat very much, except Joel. He doesn't care for them, which completely baffles Will. I'm OK with it because, well, it just means MORE FOR ME!

I'd forgotten about our abandoned snack plates until I heard a spoon clinking against a plate. Upon investigation of this sound, and others like "mmm" and "um-um-um," I found Ellie Belly standing in her brother's chair scraping the little bits of stuck chocolate off the plate and spooning them into her mouth. She smiled from ear-to-ear when she saw me. After she sufficiently cleaned Will's plate she climbed down from his chair, walked around the table, climbed into Ben's chair, and repeated the scraping and "um-ing" on Ben's plate.

I think the verdict is in: she's only 14 months old and already she loves her chocolate!


Amy said...

I always knew Ellie was a smart girl...she is only confirming it!

Linda said...

Could chocoholism be an inherited trait??? Have any government studies been done? If you start early enough, I'm sure it can be prevented (that is if you want to prevent it in the interests of more chocolate for Mom). :-)


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