Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Not-So Organized Basement

I'm keeping it real today. I wrote a lot of posts about organizing your home last month. That might lead you to think that my house is organized perfectly. It's not.

My house is a work in progress, just like yours.

Need proof?

Behold, the basement work room!

In my defense, this is all my husband's handyman tools and painting STUFF. That means I don't touch it.

In HIS defense, I bought 4 medium-sized tubs a few weeks ago and he's started organizing everything. It's a slow process. I'll share pictures of the finished project with you in a few weeks, or maybe months.

Does it surprise you that part of my basement is cluttered and messy?


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

You don't know what a sense of relief this brings me! ;-)

Stephanie said...

lol! Amy, glad I could help. Somehow it was easier to share my husband's mess than my own. Maybe next week I should show the piles of stuff in my bedroom. Or the cobwebs in my corners. Or not. That might be too much reality. :D

Carrie said...

No. It doesn't surprise me. We all have those places. But you just made me feel better. ;)

Stephanie said...

Carrie, so what's your not-so organized space? ;D

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