Sunday, February 5, 2012

Visit San Antonio :: SeaWorld San Antonio

Here's my vacation planning tip for the day: make a list of the vacation sites you want to visit. Then follow their social media accounts and blogs. Occasionally tourist sites will share discount codes through their social media accounts.

That's what happened for us. "Visit SeaWorld San Antonio" held the top spot on my San Antonio vacation wish list. So, I followed the SeaWorld San Antonio Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Around Black Friday I saw a discount code (I think it was 20% off) and emailed my father-in-law who planned to gift the entire family (6 adults and 7 children) with SeaWorld tickets for Christmas. He used the discount and literally saved hundreds of dollars!

Now on to our fabulous SeaWorld experience.

The night before our SeaWorld outing my sister-in-law checked the show schedule on their website. We discussed which shows we wanted to see and then planned our day around the shows.

We managed to see the sea lion Christmas show, the Shamu Christmas show, and the Azul show with Beluga whales and various other animals (links are to current versions of the shows).

Seriously, I could have sat and watched the Shamu show all day long. The music and lighting were well timed but the interaction between animal and trainer was fascinating to watch!

My nephews were VERY excited that we sat in the "splash zone" and that their parents allowed them to sit with us. Rain had already soaked our clothes so I didn't think a little more water would hurt us. Much to the boys' disappointment, none of the splashes came anywhere close to us.

My family also enjoyed feeding the dolphins. The containers of fish cost extra but the experience was worth the money! The dolphins allowed us to pet them and talked to us. I love the picture of Will talking with the dolphin (bottom right)! It shows the excited interaction between boy and animal

We had a fantastic experience at SeaWorld and I expect we'll visit the park again when we visit San Antonio.

I highly recommend that YOU visit San Antonio. The warm winter weather makes San Antonio a great February Vacation or Spring Break destination!

Have you visited any of the SeaWorld parks?
Disclosure: I have received NO compensation for this post. I had a great time with my family in San Antonio, Texas and think you will too.

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Amy said...

Great pictures! Definitely looks like a special day!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks! It was a miserable day and a wonderful day. We were in San Antonio in the beginning of December. The weather there is usually in the 60*s so we only took light jackets. The day we went to SeaWorld the temp dropped into the 50*s and a slow drizzly rain set in for the day. We weren't prepared for the cold or the rain. We only spent about 4 hours at the park and were soaked to the skin and COLD. After the last show we indulged in hot chocolate to warm the shivering children and then headed home.

My mother-in-law (who lives in San Antonio) told me last week that the day we went to SeaWorld has been their coldest day all winter.

50* isn't all that cold to us Rhode Islanders but we unprepared for it. :D

Carrie said...

It's kinda fun to think we were at the same place and saw the same shows.

Just at different times. :(

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