Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Simple Home Organization Tips

Not all home organization projects have to be huge, like decluttering a kitchen, to help our homes run smoothly. Simple tricks and techniques can also go a long way in making home life easier.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you organize your home:

1. Shopping List on Refrigerator.

I keep a notepad on the side of my refrigerator. When I (and my husband) see we are running low on an item I write it on the notepad. Then as I write my shopping list I include the items from the notepad. It isn't a fail proof system but it works most of the time.

2. Toilet Paper Unwrapped.

I store unwrapped stacks of toilet paper under my bathroom sinks. This keeps the toilet paper where it will be used. I also don't have to wrestle with the plastic wrapper while sitting in an awkward position!

Now that my kids are a bit older they know where the toilet paper is and how to change the roll. Which means there's one less thing I always have to do.

3. Sheets Folded Together.

I fold matching top sheets and fitted sheets the same way so they are the same size. Then the final fold of the top sheet encases the fitted sheet and pillowcase. This keeps sheet sets together and easy to find in the middle of the night when a child wets the bed or has a tummy bug.

I also store sheets in the bedroom closet where they will be used. This frees up space in my hall linen closet. And keeps the clean sheets handy if I see the ones on the bed are dirty and need to be changed.

4. Over-the-door Rack in the Closet.

My master bedroom closet has wasted space between the sliding doors and the edge of where our clothes hang. The doors are cheaply made and would never support hooks. For years I thought about how to make use of this space. At one time I hung up plastic stick-up hooks but those didn't last long under the weight of my husband's workout clothes.

Then a few months ago I bought over-the-door racks to go on my children's bedroom doors and hold coats. Unfortunately the boys' bedroom door was the wrong size and their rack didn't fit. As I thought about where to use the rack I suddenly realized the rack fit over the closet door perfectly. Now my husband has a place to hang his baseball caps and workout clothes!

5. Plates, Bowls and Cups in Bottom Cabinets.

I store my everyday dishes in a bottom kitchen cabinet that is traditionally used for serving dishes. My children (ages 3-8) are old enough to set the table, pour their own cereal, and get themselves a drink.

Keeping the dishes in cabinets they can reach allows my children more independence and reduces the number of times I have to wait on them.

Do you already use these tips or is there one that's new to you? Are you working on any home organization projects? Please share in the comments.

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Annette W. said...

I don't use #5 at all. #4...not for coats. 1,2,3 definitely!

Amy said...

Good ideas! "Little things" can make such a difference in the day to day flow if life!

Anjie Orlowski said...

I think I use a variation of all of these! My shopping list is on my iPhone not my fridge though. But that's because it's always with me so I never forget it. Also, my husband can put items on his list on his phone so it automatically syncs it so if I'm out and about and he notices something we need he puts it on the list and I know to get it when I check the list!

#2 and #3 are awesome! I've used those for a while! #4 I have one hook in my bedroom that I use for my bathrobe.

#5 I sort of use. I keep my children's cups, bowls, bottles, snacks and anything else they're allowed to have access to in a bottom cabinet. It works out really well!!

Carrie said...

(Love the idea for linking up so that we can glean lots more ideas.)

I hate you though. I was doin' fine - just fine! And your recent posts make me want to go through, organize and clean out our whole entire house! What's WITH you!?

Tristi said...

I never thought about moving the dishes to where the kids can reach them. I guess it's time to reorganize my kitchen. Thanks for the tip!

Laura said...

I actually the two sheet inside a pillowcase. That really make things stay together. And I wish I had a good cabinet for the dishes so my kids could reach them; mine have had to learn to climb up on the counter. Sometimes it is our kitchen that is the limitation.

Alicia said...

I love your tip on dishes in the bottom cabinet- what a great idea! That would save my kids' climbing on our counters to reach the plates and glasses- and probably save a few broken dishes along the way, too. Love your creative and practical approach today. Thanks

Mandy said...

Great tips, especially about using the lower cabinet for dishes. We're just nearing the point when my littles will be able to set hte table, and that would be perfect. Thanks for hopping with us!

Jill Savage said...

Stephanie, I love the idea of dishes on the lower cabinets to give the kids independence!

Another suggestion for storing sheets: I fold the top sheet and bottom sheet and then slip them into the pillowcase. This way they never come apart!

Susan M. Heim said...

I love your tip for folding the sheets together. I do the same thing with my boys' pajamas. I wrap the pants around the shirt, so they always take a matched set out of the drawer. Otherwise, they come up with some very interesting bottom/top combinations!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Great tips, Stephanie, especially for someone as organizationally challenged as I! I was wondering if you've ever written a post about keeping up with housework while homeschooling. :-)

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Amy!

I haven't written anything specific about housework and homeschooling, yet. But I have a few blog posts about that topic floating around in my head. :)

Stephanie said...

I tried the sheets in the pillowcase method for a while but I didn't like the way it stretched out my pillowcases. Plus it was impossible to do with thick flannel sheets so a figured out a way to fold them inside each other. The method isn't as important as finding one that works for you. :)

Stephanie said...

Susan, great tip to fold pjs together. My boys fold and put away their own clothes. They come out with some crazy combinations, and not just for pjs! :)

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