Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Organize a Girl's Hair Accessory Drawer

Little girls come with a vast array of hair accessories.  Ellie is only 3 years old but already she owns:  big bows, little bows, pony tail holders, ribbons, barrettes, combs, brushes, and one princess crown.

What is a person (namely MOM) supposed to do with all those hair accessories?!

Until this week, I just threw them all into the top drawer of Ellie's dresser (I picked the top drawer because my 15 month old son can't reach it).  It was a jumbled up mess, which gave me a twinge of annoyance every time I opened the drawer.

Well, no more of that!  I have completely reorganized the drawer.  Here's how I did it:

I have no idea what an old electric blanket cord was doing in her drawer!  And the clothes were 18 months, have I mentioned that she's 3?!

Doesn't that look better?!

I bought all of the containers at Walmart.  The white basket holding Ellie's combs and brushes was part of a set of 4 for $1.  The brown basket, which holds all of her bows, was $1.  And the 3 mini drawers was $4, a little pricy but worth the money to organize her pony tail holders, ribbons, and necklaces.

I'm pleased with how Ellie's drawer looks.  Now to figure out how to organize my big girl hair accessories!

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Amy said...

Looks good! I know it makes you smile every time you open that drawer!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Girl hair accessories might be the bane of my organizational existence. GREAT job, Steph.


Another idea that worked for me with hairbows was to hang a long length of grograin ribbon and "clip" the bows to it. That way I could easily see and grab what I needed and the girls could put them back on the ribbon for me.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Nice work!

One of my daughter's hair accessories are in her bottom desk drawer. Her drawer makes your daughter's before drawer look tidy! My other daughter has some bows hanging from a belt. The rest of her bows are in her sock drawer. We also have a basket of hair bands and what not in the laundry room. In addition to that, you will certainly find various bows, hair bands, and other random little girl accessories in different little places around the house. I think your previous commenter said it well when she said, "bane of her existence."

Can't believe your baby is 15 months old!!!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'm lucky in that Ellie doesn't really like to wear things in her hair so she's not attracted to hair stuff at the store. She also broke all her head bands a few weeks ago playing a game with the brothers. I refuse to replace them since they weren't broken while being worn.

Cassie said...

here's what I did for the girls' hair bows that clip. i found a wooden ladybug figure at wal-mart and bought some ribbon and attached it to the ladybug. now i can just clip them to the ladybug's ribbon. i attached a small loop at the top so that i can hang the ladybug on the wall. i'll try to take a picture and show it to you.
it was very easy to make.

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