Friday, February 5, 2010

Family Ball on Family Fun Friday

Ellie (3.5 years) is hitting her stride in all things girlie.  Don't get me wrong.  With 3 brothers around she still plays with cars and wrestles.

But in the last few months she's really started playing with jewelry and dolls.

After reading a Disney princess book not long ago, Ellie, Will and Ben decided to throw and impromptu "ball."  Clothes were changed, because you can't go to a ball in blue jeans!  Music played.  Dancing occurred.

Sam even dressed up for the occasion (that's a headband he's wearing).

A fun memory was made without spending any money.  I'm sure there are many more "Balls" in my future.

Do you ever turn the music on and dance around the house?  What kind of music do you dance to?


Carrie said...

That's awesome! haha! =D

Leann said...

What a great idea!!! We are a jazz and 70's rock kind of family... we might be turning on and having our own dance fest! LOL

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We dance to all kinds of music but this was an "organized" event. :)

ajourneyinmommying said...

Funny that when I read "family ball" my mommy of 4 boys brain went immediately to the ROUND definition of the word "ball." :)

We definitely turn up the music and dance like crazy people. One of our favorite CDs is Whirl n Worship (Group) and another is Parents Magazine Nursery Rhymes. They're really fun! :) Stephen Curtis Chapman is always a favorite, too, because Caleb knows how to make his mommy's day by cranking up her favorites. :)

Flamingo Mama said...

oh no...i started "Fun Friday"...I completely forgot that you post Family Fun Friday! I promise I was not stealing concepts! :)

also...did you do your own blog? i want to do those tab things on mine at the top

Amy said...

FUN! Yes, we dance all the time! This post is timely: Micah and Mia both dressed up "fancy" (Micah even wearing a Veggie Tales tie that's in the bin) and were dancing. Very sweet--not at all "organized" but very fun!

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