Friday, February 12, 2010

Beauty and the Beast on Family Fun Friday

Every Friday on the drive home from our Home School Co-op William tells me all about his drama class.  They've done Improv and short skits.  Learned various theater terms.  And even learned to 'die' (that one was especially funny to watch at home!!).

With such an interest in theater and performing, I felt it would be a shame not to take him to the Providence Performing Arts Center.  So, this week Will and I took our first Mother-Son date to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

He was not thrilled about the idea to say the least.  He didn't want to miss out on "Daddy Time" after supper.  He felt nervous about going someplace new.  And it's a play about a princess - apparently princesses are now only for girls.  Me being the mean mama that I am, I insisted him go anyway.

I even made him wear church clothes! {gasp}  AND I put gel in his hair in an attempt to make it lay down.  Believe me, it's only sticking up a little bit in this picture!  He didn't want the gel because he thought people would laugh at him with his hair laying down.  My poor, poor boy.

Once all dolled up, we headed off to Providence.  When we turned the corner and saw the lights of the theater he finally got excited about our date night.

It is an impressive sight to turn the corner and see this large sign all lit up.

After picking up our tickets, we made our way to the nosebleed section upper balcony.  One of the volunteers kindly allowed me to snap a couple of pictures inside before the show started.  Apparently this is a no-no but she was very gracious and understanding.

If you look closely you can just make out Will in the picture on the left.

When the show started he was captivated - and full of questions. Thankfully there were only about 20 people in our section because he asked questions through the whole show. Some of his questions were related to the story line (he's only watched the Disney movie once); while others had to do with the actors and set.

Did he enjoy the experience?  Well, on the way home he wanted to know if there are other plays and can we go see them, so I think it's safe to say he's a theater fan in the making.

Do you enjoy attending the theater?  What's your favorite performance?

By the way, my goal is to post a Family Fun Friday each week.  Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your own posts about a fun activity your family has experienced recently.


Carrie said...

Oh WOW! I'm in awe and envy!

Our local theater group is performing Beauty & the Beast right now and Jonathan and I went last night as a matter of fact! Although they had paid for Disney rights, I had to wonder why. I KNEW it was community theater and I KNEW it wasn't Broadway. Thankfully Belle carried the show (I do'nt know where they managed to find such a gem!) and Cogsworth was a hoot and a holler. But a few of the other characters left a few things wanting. =)

Ah well. I'm waiting for the traveling Broadway performance to come through. Those are always very well done!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I LOVE the theatre! I wish I could go more. It has been a LONG time. I have seen a few shows at PPAC and loved each one! I also had the great fortune to tag along on 2 trips to NY with a friend's theatre group. So I have had the opportunity to see 3 or 4 shows on Broadway. AMAZING!

I love the idea of you taking Will on a date like this. I think about doing that with Emily when she is older, but I am not sure if/when that would happen. She has major sensory issues and I think the theatre would be very overwhelming (movies would have the same result). Only time will tell if this will be something that we can do together.

Cassie said...

How fun! I wish that we were closer to metorpolitan areas where such events were offered! Best my gils get is listening to the crickets and catching fire flies! nothing wrong with that though. :o)

Jenn said...

How fun! Last month Little House on the Prarie was at our local theater- I was dying to take Addi! I can't wait until she's old enough to enjoy the theater!
I'm glad Will liked it!

Maria Mundy, 23 said...

The pic of you two is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! It's definalty facebook-worthy! =-)

Amy said...

What a special night! Glad Will enjoyed it after all! :)

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