Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Tools List. A Magnifying Glass?!

My tools for writing are my experiences as a mom, a black spiral notebook and a blue Bic ink pen, and my ruby red Dell laptop. A cup of hot tea and some form of chocolate also help the writing process, but they are optional.

Inspiration Tool

Probably 80 percent of my writing relates to my role as a mom of four. Sometimes I share stories about the antics of my children, like when Will wanted to sell his little brother. Other times I give a tip I've learned for managing life with children in the house.

Ideas List

Writing ideas often come when I least expect them. Like at bed time when my 8 year old asks for tomorrow to be Opposite Day so he can write only wrong answers on his school work. That's when my small black spiral notebook and blue Bic ink pen come in handy. I just jot down his funny quote in my book and save it for a day I'm looking for something to write about.

Writing Implement

I don't remember the last time I hand wrote anything longer than a shopping list or a brainstorm of blog ideas. Whether I'm writing blog posts, Cub Scout plans, or monthly menus I always use my ruby red Dell laptop.

Today my 1st grader also wrote a list of his favorite writing tools. What does a 7 year old boy use to write? Scissors, colored pencils, pencils, and a magnifying glass.

Magnifying glass?!

Who can understand the workings of the mind of a 7 year old boy? Not me!

What tools do you use to write? 

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Amy said...

Enjoyed the list...makes me smile as our children "sound out" their words!

Fun reading--I use my laptop mostly; however, I still enjoy pen and paper especially for my calendar and notes to friends--for me there's still something about cute notecards and a letter in the mailbox! That's about the extent of my writing!!

Like seeing new posts here...:)

Stephanie said...


Isn't their phonetic spelling fun? Ben did really well with no help.

I still like pen and paper for my calendar. I just need to be able to mark things off and to flip to multiple pages at the same time. I love receiving notes in the mail, even though I am terrible at writing them. :)

Candice Moretti said...

My laptop or desktop is mostly what I write with although I do have a blogging journal where I jot things down. Interesting post and I like this 30 days to being a better writer. :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Candice!

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