Tuesday, March 6, 2012

31 Days to Become a Better Writer :: Day 1

I was complaining on Facebook about getting out of the habit of writing (blogging) and having writers block.

Then a blub about 31 Days to Become a Better Writer appeared in my news feed. So I thought I'd give it a shot.

The Challenge: 

Write five nondescript sentences.  Look at them again and re-write them to show and not tell what was happening.  Go over them one last time and pump them full of interesting and descriptive words to really drive your point home!

Since it's 10:30 PM and I'd like to go to bed while it's still Tuesday I'm only going to write 3 sentences.


  1. I was sick.
  2. I am busy.
  3. I want to win a contest.

Show, not tell:

  1. My runny nose virus turned into a full blown head cold, complete with coughing and almost no voice.
  2. Each week I take my children to gymnastics lessons, go grocery shopping, run a Cub Scout den meeting, teach my children home school lessons, blog, and maintain a semi-clean house.
  3. Last week I entered a contest to be the next Wyndham Women on their Way travel bloggers.

Pump it Up!:

  1. "Hello," I uttered huskily into the phone. Laughing on the other end, Cindy declared, "With that deep throaty voice you might have a future as a radio DJ!" "You might be right," I answered before my shoulders violently shook with another spasm of coughing.
  2. My weekly calendar is crammed with children's activities and home management tasks. When at home if I'm not guiding my sons through their home school exercises I'm throwing their dirt encrusted blue jeans into my overworked washing machine. Once we complete our at-home work, we jet off to gymnastics lessons, or Cub Scouts, or the grocery store, or our local library.
  3. Taking my first major road trip at three years of age planted a love for travel deep in my heart. That love for travel inspired me to enter the Wyndam Women on their Way travel blogger contest. Getting paid to blog our adventurous family road trips is a dream long in the making!
What do you think? Any suggestions for ways I can improve my writing?

PS. I really did enter the travel contest and would LOVE your vote. Just follow the link and click "like." Thanks!!


Carrie said...

I think we had the same headcold. The only good thing is that my whispering due to lack of voice caused the children to think that I needed them to whisper also. And I couldn't explain otherwise! ;)

C.C.@ I'm On My Way ~ my journey as a Christ follower, wife, mamma, and fibromyalgia fighter said...

Great job Stephanie. Hope you are feeling better by now. Found you on the FB group.

Stephanie said...

Thanks, C.C.! Loving the new Better Writers FB group!

Stephanie said...

Carrie, I don't think my kids have ever whispered back to me. So glad to be done with that head cold!! I really hate being sick!

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