Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Running to Perseverance

She wants to run.
She wants to run a 5k race.
She wants to run a 5k race without stopping.


That would require training.
That would require training early in the morning.
That would require training early in the morning in cold weather.


She hears.
She hears her own voice.
She hears her own voice saying, “When the exercises are hard and you want to quit, you have to push through it and keep going.”


She walks.
She walks daily.
She walks daily in the cold early morning until she can run.


She hopes.
She hopes he learns.
She hopes he learns perseverance.


He watches.
He watches her train.
He watches her train to run.

How are you modeling perseverance? 

Inspired by Day 6: Perspective 


Amy said...

You can do it!!! I am proud of your determination to persevere!!

And...I think it best for you to do a little shoe shopping, too! :) LOL!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Amy! New shoes are on my list of things to buy at the outlet mall next month. ;)

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