Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toddlers LOVE Mama's Makeup :: Mom2Mom

All moms have one, and if you don't already you eventually will.

We all have a "my child got into my lipstick/makeup/perfume" story. 

Amazingly enough my story took place after being a mom for 7.5 years.  I walked into the bathroom to discover Samuel in there playing.  I didn't even realize he was in there until I saw him!  And then, I saw him.

Actually, I saw the pile of toilet paper on the floor first.  And then I saw the light tan patches all down the front of Sam's pajamas.  And black smudges all over his hands.  And more light tan patches on the throw rug.

Really it was my own fault.  I left my makeup bag on the bathroom counter within easy reach of a certain 2 year old when standing on the toilet.  It was a newbie mistake.  You'd think by child #4 I would know better.

See the guilt on that face and the hidden hand?
The pictures don't do justice to the damage he caused.  Compact blush and powder broken into bits.  Foundation poured all over the place.  Eye shadow gouged into chunks. 

Sweet little hand covered with foundation and mascara.
As I cleaned him up I realized mascara coated Sam's hand and that the tube lay partially opened.  So I pulled the wand out of the tube to check it for damage.   I found an eyeshadow sponge SKEWERED to the end of it!  SKEWERED like a marshmallow waiting to be roasted!  (Sadly I didn't take a picture of it.)

The boy ruined every single piece of makeup I owned.  I had to throw it all out and start over new. 

I'll be honest, I wavered between anger/frustration and laughter.  I felt frustration over cleaning up a huge mess at bedtime and at the expense of all new makeup.  But, the little rascal looked so guilty and cute that I found it hard not to laugh at the whole situation.

In the end, laughter won (although Sam didn't laugh at his discipline) and photos were taken.  Today I have a funny 'Mom story' and all new Mary Kay makeup so all's well that ends well.

Do you have a "my child got into my lipstick/makeup/perfume" story?  Please share it with us!


Amy said...

Oh no! I haven't had the child getting into the make up problem yet & I've been a parent for almost 11 years now. The biggest reason being that I very rarely wear make up and don't keep it in our house on a regular basis.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Amy, I seldom wear make up but always keep some on hand for church and whenever I feel like wearing it. It took me 7 years and 4 kids before I had an incident. Maybe your new baby girl will be the one to create your story. :)

Ann said...

I'm sure your MK consultant loved that order! :-) I've actually not had that incident yet and it's been almost ten years. But, I know it's coming. I KNOW it's coming. (And it will probably come now that I'm no longer a MK consultant and have to pay full-price for all of my make-up!)


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

At the time I was using make-up I bought at Walmart but I took the opportunity Sam created to support my old college roommates growing Mary Kay business. She appreciated my business and I appreciated her service! :)

Ann said...

You'll probably love the products, too! When I switched from Wal-Mart to Mary Kay, I was amazed how much more I enjoyed wearing make-up. I still only wear it two or three times a week, but I used to absolutely hate having to put it on.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I've had it for a while and do enjoy it way more than Walmart stuff. Except for the mascara. It really irritates my eyes so I think I'm going back to cheap-o Mabelline for that. If you need a consultant April Heminger Tindall is in Conway and she's fabulous. Not to mention being Ouachita girl. :)

Ann said...

I'm jotting her name down right now. I stocked up before I officially quit selling, but I know I'll need to find a consultant before the end of the year.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Instead of jotting her name down - go to http://www.marykay.com/latindall/default.aspx. It's her MK website. You can order directly from her there. For a more personal touch click "contact me" and her phone number and FB info are listed. Just tell her Stephanie sent you. :)

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