Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life in Six Words

Preschooler son.  Frustrated mom.  Yellow puddle.


She Reads is hosting a contest for a She Speaks scholarship.  The contest is to tell a story using 6 words.  The idea comes from Ernest Hemingway who wrote “FOR SALE. BABY SHOES. NEVER WORN.”

Once I got started writing 6 word stories I couldn't stop!  Here's a few others I thought of:

  • Inflamed joints.  Incurable disease. God's plan.
  • Red cape.  Adventurous boys.  Broken arm.
  • Dirty dishes.  Sink overnight.  They breed?!
  • Floral skirt.  Striped blouse.  Preschooler Fashionista!
  • Baking chicken.  Screaming alarm.  Calling Domino's.

Join the fun and share your 6 word story!

    1 comment:

    Carrie said...

    Day OUT! Mommy HAPPY! Early BEDTIME!

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