Friday, July 4, 2008

See what my big brothers taught me.

One foot goes on the mattress. Those little feet fit through the rails nicely.
Hike the leg over the rail.
Lean far enough in to retrieve my blanket
(or fall in and bounce until Momma comes and makes me stop).
Get stuck with my tush in the air.
Sometimes I forget how to get down. I haven't perfected climbing out.
Yet. Just climbing in. It's time for a "big girl bed," Momma.


Alicia said...

That is REALLY cute!

Amy said...

Gotta love big brother! :) Funny that she can get in but not out...mine never cared how to get in (until Micah wanted to in order to get in WITH Mia) but found their way out. Have fun with the big girl bed! :)

Billie said...

christian has mastered this skill on his own. however, he has not mastered the crawling from in to out..thank goodness. I'm not ready for the switch. he will sit patiently in his bed in the morning awaiting for us to get him...even if that's at 9am. i love my crib days;)

Anonymous said...

So cute!! :) Connor hasn't had time to figure out climbing in or out because he just got back in a crib. He was in a pack 'n play for months. (after getting his leg stuck in his crib and having to be pulled out by a fireman who was concerned with me that he may have broken his leg and thereby BROKE his crib to get him out quickly as his leg was turning blue.) I'm surprised Connor hasn't learned because he sure does climb on everything else. You'll have to tell me how the big girl bed thing goes. Connor was not happy about the big boy bed AT ALL. Caleb and Ethan loved it so I'm not sure what the big problem is???

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Steph! That was me. I'm sure you figured it out by the names of the boys, but I forget that I don't have a public blog at the moment so my name doesn't come up automatically. :) oops!! :)

:) Christie

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