Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Three Haircutting Victims

About two years ago we decided to start buzzing Joel and the boys hair at home. We bought a cheap buzzer from Wal*Mart and set to work. This spring those buzzers broke. I'm not surprised they were only about $20. And they didn't produce a very even cut or quick cut.

So, my efficient husband set about researching buzzers on-line. He found some reviews of a professional-grade buzzer brand called Oster. Every review loved them. NO negative reviews. Fantastic!

BUT the buzzer and the accessory combs/guards (what lets you set the length) together cost about $130 on Amazon. Giant GULP! But, when you consider that a boy/man's haircut costs me $15 and multiply that by 3 (in another year or so it will be 4!) then I'm spending $45 every trip to the barber. Now do that 3 times and I just paid for the Oster.

We bit the bullet and spent the money. Money well spent I say! It's like a hot knife through butter!!! I haven't bought quality hair shears yet to allow me to do a fancy cut. I'm just strictly buzzing 'em. And they love it. Joel likes how little time and effort it takes to care for his hair. The boys are MUCH cooler in the summer. And Joel likes how little effort it takes when he washes their hair.

All of that to say, after about 6 weeks, tonight was haircuttin' night. Here is a before picture. Joel and Will have begun to complain about how "long" their hair is. Ha!Ha!

What a ham!
This is the after picture. Still a bunch of hams! Can't you just see the mischief dripping off of them? And I have another boy in the oven! O Lord, have mercy on me!!

We're standing outside because that's where we do haircuts in the summer. Makes clean up MUCH easier. This time I used the same comb/guard on all 3 of them. I have been doing the boys a little longer. I always feel sad about buzzing Ben's thick beautiful waves off. But, the sweat has really been dripping around here and I swear they are rolling in the dirt so having shorter hair will be easier to take care of. In case you are wondering, I used a #4 comb for all over and a small beard trimmer for around the ears and across the back of the neck.


wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Sounds like money well spent!

Sarah said...

I used to try to cut Herb's hair since it was supposedly easy to do a "military cut." Then I gave him a bald spot one time with the horrible clippers we had bought and I never cut his hair again. Now that I have a boy too, I may just try to cut his hair since he hates going to the barber shop. I need to find the clippers you use. :)

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