Monday, July 7, 2008

Another ultrasound

With this baby I've already had FOUR ultrasounds! By 23 weeks 4 days (on June 30). It's crazy! The first was about 8 weeks to set the due date. The second was the next month to confirm the date and the third was at 17 weeks (a little early) just to check development and placenta location.

You may recall I had a slight placenta previa (?) so I went back on June 30 for the 4th ultrasound just to check that. The practice I'm using has a physician's assistant for the ultrasound tech. So she does the ultrasound as well as a prenatal visit.

Right off the bat she mentioned that I had lost a pound since my previous visit. Hmm.. I think that was because last month my visit was on a cool day so I wore a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. June's visit saw the mercury over 85 which means I wore shorts, a thin top and flip flops. I think my weight loss was due to clothing differences. = )

That did not satisfy her. She is still concerned that I haven't gained enough weight. "Eat an ice cream sundae every night," she said. I lost about 2 pounds after my 8 week visit so by their records I've only gained 5 pounds (or 3 pounds over the original weight). She even went so far as to ask me "are you eating 3 balanced meals every day with plenty of snacks?" Huh?! Seriously! Look at the non-baby parts of me. I'm clearly not missing any meals!

If this were my first baby I'd be freaked out that I was not being a good mother! But it's my fourth. So I know I'm doing everything right. The fact is I'm trying not to eat a lot of high calorie low nutrition food because that goes on me and not the baby. Every pound I put on me is a pound I have to take off later, which is SO not fun! Not to mention, if I get used to eating a sundae every night now, I'm going to want to continue that later.

I've also considered that this baby is due at the end of October. And what comes after that? Thanksgiving. Christmas. Winter comfort food with no place to walk it off. So as long as she continues to tell me that the ultrasounds show he's the size and weight he ought to be, I think I'll stick with my current eating plan. I think eating an apple is a much better choice than a sundae.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I'll try not to do that again but I make no promises. I have another ultrasound scheduled for the end of this month. Because of the weight issue. It's a good thing he's so cute in these pictures. = )

Can you see his face? He's looking right at you.

This is a profile view of his head. See the little arm bone? He kept moving his arm in front of his face. I wonder if he ever gets his thumb in his mouth. She also showed me his spine and pelvis - now doubt he's a boy! Even I could tell that!!


Alicia said...

That profile pic is super sweet.

stephanie said...

How precious!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your ultrasound pics are great...mine were never that clear.

Stephanie...I lost 8lbs in the first trimester with my last baby, and she still weighed almost 8lbs at birth. It's's hot...your appetite naturally decreases. I'm with you, and I wouldn't worry about it! Rant all you want.

Another boy?! FUN!

Mike, Dawn & Emily Rose said...

Great pics! It is so amazing to see those shots in the womb - and they are pretty clear. God is so awesome!

As for the weight and eating thing - that is crazy that she would suggest a sundae each night. Just fatten up - never mind eating healthy! That makes no sense. By baby #4 I think you have got this covered!


Billie said...

i fully believe your body does what it does...45lbs in 1st pregnancy..same thing, same diet for second and i gained 18 lbs.

just eat when you are will be fine!

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