Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hot, sweaty, strawberry-stained and looking for mischief.

I realize very few people actually care to see ALL of these pictures but you can't really see the mischief unless you view all of them and know they were taken as quickly as my camera would allow.
In case you are wondering:
Mia (3), Emma (5), Ellie (2 in August), Will (5), Micah (4.5), Ben (3.5).


wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Great pictures! I am impressed that they can actually sit still like that all together. : )

And can I just say Emma looks so grown up! I cannot believe it! The rest of kids have gotten SO big, but I have not seen a picture of her in quite a while & I could not believe it. Are you sure she is the same age as Will & Micah (roughly)? Does she take some sort of special girl growth vitamin?

Billie said...

Just think....if you have 6, this is what the family picture would look like!

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