Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why I love Price Rite.

1. Granny Smith apples are always $.99 a pound.
2. Milk is $.50 a gallon cheaper than at the supermarket.
3. I can buy boneless chicken breasts for $2.29 a pound or less.
4. A huge box of off-brand Cheerios is $1.49!
5. 100% whole wheat bread is only $1.69 a loaf!
6. My grocery bill is HALF what it would be at a supermarket!!!
7. Because I bag my groceries myself, my bread is never smooshed and my eggs don't get broken.
8. There aren't carts all over the lot because most people want their deposited quarter back.
9. There isn't sneaky product placement that causes my children to beg for junk.
10. Occasionally someone leaves a cart in the lot and I SCORE their quarter when I return it.

That last one always makes me smile and shake my head. Silly people, a quarter will get you a Dr. Thunder out of the machine at Wal-Mart.


Marc and Charity said...

That's interesting about the deposited quarter, here all grocery stores have that too. But it's £1=$2. Ya, so people but them back to get their one pound back! It's nice that they are not all over the place, but sometimes annoying that I don't always have one pound coins!

Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by for my giveaway for the nail care kit.
I agree any amount of money you can save at the grocery store is a big smile for me to. Milk is over $4.00 a gallon!

Rochelle said...

I just love when #10 happens! It's like winning the lotto and I don't even play!! LOL!!

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