Friday, July 27, 2007

Ding Dong Went the Doorbell.

I don't know if there is something about my house, my street, or my neighborhood but we get WAY more than our fair share of door-to-door salespeople. I'm not even kidding. This is the 5th summer we have lived in this house. During that time the following have rung the doorbell (*denotes this summer):

Jehovah's Witnesses (2 summers),
Mormons or LDS (2 summers),
*Magazine Salespeople (3 summers, and they are RUDE),
*Water Conservation Petition Gatherers (5 summers),
Political Candidates (in election years),
Political Candidate Supports (in election years),
Guys with Lawnmowers offering to mow my yard (go here for Hubby's view on mowing),
Lawn Services offering to spray the weeds (LOL! See above link! 2 summers),
A Financial Planner who was relocating to the area,
*A Telephone Company Rep. wanting me to switch services,
The Schwann's man,
People promoting Vacation Bible School at a nearby church,
A vacuum cleaner salesman,

*And, my all time favorite, a man driving an unmarked refrigerated truck who had "a few steaks left over" from his delivery. Including Fillet Mignon! He could make me a really good deal. Sadly, I'd been to the store that day and my freezer was packed full (said with sarcasm). If only I'd known he was coming.


Anonymous said...

I know. I have one little spot outside our front door where a salesman cleaned a spot on the sidewalk....which really makes the rest of the sidewalk look quite dirty now. That was last summer and my eyes go to that spot every time I walk through the front door. (He was trying to get us to buy a cleaner that would clean the outside of the house and sidewalks...which I plan to do someday when the inside is clean.) :) It actually looked great before he cleaned that one little spot. How stressful! :) The guy saw that I had children so he actually licked the inside part of the spray bottle to show that the product was safe to have around kids. Did he really think we wanted some product after he liked the inside of it?????? :) Todd and I read and laughed at the post about the laundry, the yard and the dishes. We can relate!!! :)

Jeana said...

If I hadn't seen "Rhode Island" up top I would wonder if you live in my neighborhood. Until I put the No Solicitors sign out, we had someone almost EVERY DAY during the warm months.

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