Friday, July 27, 2007

A Good Friend

Last night I hosted Mug & Muffin. This is a monthly Bible study meeting for the ladies of my church. Each month we are at a different lady's house and we discuss a book of the Bible that was chosen the month before. I volunteered to host for our July meeting, which was last night.

But this is not a post about Mug & Muffin. Oh, BUT NO! This is a post about my wonderfully good friend, Amy, who knows me well. We met 9 years ago after she and her husband moved to Rhode Island. On their first Sunday in the state they attended our church. We invited them to our place for lunch that day. We've been friends ever since. The kind of friends whose husbands had water balloon fights in pre-kid days (and will probably do so again when given the opportunity). The kind of friends who hosted baby showers for each other. The kind of friends who organized TWO WEEKS of people bringing meals after the babies were born. And the kind of friends who stand in the parking lot of Applebee's until 1:00 A.M (oh, yes, we did!) because they kicked us out of the building but we still had words to use before going home.

You get the idea. So last night, my good friend, Amy, who knows me so well, brought me a hostess gift. I didn't get a chance to open the bag last night, in fact I didn't even take the bag from her. She put it down in my bedroom with some other things she had brought. This morning I remembered the bag and lifted it to check out what was in it. That bag was HEAVY! What in the world could it be?! I put the bag on my bed and pulled out the tissue paper. What did my wondering eyes see?!

A can of DR. PEPPER! TWO cans of COKE! AND a whole BOX of NUTTY BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She knows me well! It's consumable, decluttering is my Summer Project, and my favorites! Can you guess what I ate for breakfast? Oh, yes, I did! It's now 3:20 pm and I've eaten 2 packages of Nutty Bars and only have 1 coke left. I think I hear another Nutty Bar calling my name. If I hurry I might eat another one before any children wake up from their naps.


Westafricanrains said...

That's awesome!! Sometimes being an adult is great. It means you can eat what you want when you want.

ahaynes98 said...

Enjoy...Enjoy...Enjoy! I am PROUD of you for eating them for breakfast as well as for snack. My kind of friend! Can't wait for our night away! What will it hold?!

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