Friday, July 27, 2007

Eight Things About My Marriage

Jennifer at Snapshot tagged me for this meme. My first meme! Thanks, Jennifer. It sounds like fun, so here goes eight things about my marriage.

1. I've been married for 10 years. Our wedding was exactly one week after our college graduation. We were both 22 years old, babies really!

2. I am six months older than my husband, a fact he greatly delights in.

3.We are opposites in many ways. He's a messy and I'm organized. He's likes small groups and I like big parties. He's quiet and I talk a lot. He's adventurous and I like to play it safe.

4. Even though we are different we work well as a team. I navigate and he drives. I read the directions and he puts the item together (the baby crib was NOT fun). He washes the children during bath time and I dry and dress them.

5. We learned the leave and cleave thing pretty early. Three months after our wedding we moved from Arkansas (where all my family was and still is) to Rhode Island. The nearest family is 1500 miles away so we learned to depend on each other.

6. We have shared goals: serve God, teach our children to love God, and sleep as late as possible on Saturday mornings.

7. We usually agree on finances. Right now we are working the Dave Ramsey plan. Sharing goals and the plan to reach those goals has helped eliminate fights over finances, though not the occasional "discussion."

8. We were married 6 years, 3 days when our oldest child was born. That gave us time to travel and do all the leaving and cleaving.

I've enjoyed thinking about my marriage this weekend. I'm tagging Lendy at Tales of Toddlerhood, Charity at Cardiff Central, and Stephanie at {Olive Tree}. If you decide to do this please leave me a comment so I know to come read your post.

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Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh, yes, it does sound like our road has been very similar.

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