Sunday, July 8, 2007

My First Post

Here we go. My first post to my new blog.

My sweet husband assured me that this would be simple and no big deal to set up. I should have known better! He's a computer programmer. All day long he thinks in computer-ese. Me? I think in momma-ese. The two are NOT related.

Since I'm not at all tech savvy you're probably wondering how and why I'm getting into the whole blogging thing. I, umm..., enjoyed the third trimester of my third child during June, July, & August last year. It was hot (by New England standards at least). Combine "third trimester" with "hot" and sitting in the cool basement playing on the computer made perfect sense.

While playing, I occasionally read Lisa Whelchel's Coffee Talk. One week she linked to her friend Sarah's blog. I clicked over and was hooked. From Sarah I've found all sorts of blogs. Mommy blogs. Decorating blogs. Organizing blogs. Even Beth Moore has a blog! As my friend, Amy, succinctly put it, "Blogs are addictive!" They sure are.

That's the how. The why is pretty basic. All of my family and the majority of my friends live at least 1000 miles away. I've become very bad at keeping up with them. So I thought a blog might help me stay in touch. It remains to be seen if this solves my problem or just makes new ones.


Tech Daddy said...

Congratulations. You made it through the set up process. You may become a geek yet. :-)

~Tina Marie~ said...

The name of your blog caught my attention. Being a mommy to two young ones, I can relate! :)

Kelly said...

THAT is EXACTLY how I got into blogging. I stumbled upon Lisa's blog and started Sarah's and then found Boomama and big mama and decided I needed one too. Then my mom started saying "i've been reading these blogs ...." - they were the same ones. Everytime I find a blog - they always have Boomama as a link. How is the world SO small?

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