Friday, June 1, 2012

My Child Colored Himself with Marker, Oh yes he did!

Hi! My name is Sam and I am 3 years old. My mom and dad left me in the living room with a blue Crayola marker. Even though I know better, I decided to write on myself. How do you like the stripe down my forehead and tongue?

O! But that's not all I did!!

I also colored one hand completely and was working on the other hand when Daddy walked in the room and stopped me.

See? That hand is COMPLETELY colored! The other one would have been, too, except Daddy had to spoil my fun.

Through this we learned a funny thing about washable markers - if your sweaty hand is coated in marker and you touch something (say the couch, wall, or sink) then you will leave a hand print.

Mama didn't think this was a very fun discovery! She scrubbed my hands with soap and water and still didn't get it all off. Eventually I got to play in the shower for awhile and most of it washed away.

Playing with a marker is a lot of fun until you get caught. Have you ever colored on yourself with a marker?

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Jenn said...

LOL!!! Addi did that over the weekend too!! :-) She covered both hands with marker & said she was wearing gloves. One hand was purple the other was brown- she also said it was halloween! Kids!! Glad you got pictures! Sam is so cute!

Kimberly Huber said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I've made that discovery a couple times- and once with a Sharpie marker! You'd think I would have learned the first time. ANyway- I LOVE the stripe down the forehead! So creative :)

robyn said...

Nooooo! At least it made for some cute pictures, right? Why is it the marker comes off so easily on the walls, but not in the sink?

Stephanie said...

Oh no! not a sharpie!! I've wondered the same think about markers. Comes off the wall but not kids or couches.

Katie B. of said...

LOL. Both of my kids did that. (You'd think I'd have learned to hide the markers after the first, but there's 9 years between them and I'd forgotten). The youngest not only colored his hands, face and feet... he colored the cat, too!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Oh my goodness- sure is FUN!!! Probably not the clean up though. Hayley once drew on all her walls with crayon- that was an experience. Cute post!

Stephanie said...

Katie B. you must have a very patient cat!! It was a total newbie mistake. With 4 kids ages 3-9 I should have known better than leave him alone with markers. But he's always been good before. The occasional random mark but never coloring and entire hand!

Melissa, for crayon on the wall I have 2 words - Magic Eraser. :)

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