Thursday, June 28, 2012

How do you store toilet paper?

When I come home with a new package of toilet paper, I unwrap the rolls and store them under the sink in the bathrooms (or in our hall linen closet if I'm really stockpiling).

I've used this system for years and my family knows where to look for a new roll when they need it. Even the 3 year old knows!

Why store toilet paper unwrapped?

  • Unwrapped toilet paper saves time and aggravation later. Seriously, have you ever tried to sit on the toilet, wrestle a giant package of toilet paper out from under the sink, and pry a roll out? All at 2 AM in the morning, while trying not to wake a sleeping baby in the next room?
  • Children will never unwrap toilet paper and put it on the roll. 
  • Children MIGHT pull an unwrapped roll of toilet paper out of the cabinet and set it on the counter if they use the last of the current roll.

Trust me! It's a good system!

What is your toilet paper storage system?

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Candice Moretti said...

We have the same system. No one wants to be fumbling with an unopened roll of toilet paper when it runs out...especially a guest!

Shalonne Halstead said...

We usually buy the individually wrapped rolls and store them on the counter wrapped...we have no cupboard with enough room until the long awaited day i organize the bathroom :)

Stephanie said...

Candice, DEFINITELY not a guest! And I don't want guests to fumble through my cabinets looking for toilet paper. ;)

Shaloone, it's cheaper per roll to buy the giant packs. With 6 people using toilet paper it doesn't take us long to go through the large packs, especially with boys who are still learning how much TP they really need to use!

Nancy said...

Stephanie, good idea, no place big enough to store open we buy costco packs and just open a pkg and spread it all around the bathrooms and reload as needed: we have tp holders that sit on the floor and hold at least 4 rolls. The pic you posted with this makes me nervous. spring a leak and that could get messy in a hurry, although, it will soak up the water for you.. lol

Stephanie said...

Nancy, that's funny you mention leak. We did have a leak on those pipes. But I was only out $6 in toilet paper. And as you point out - is soaks up the water. ;)

fragrantroses said...

I have this weird chrome jobby that sits on the floor, and will hold 5 stacked rolls. Otherwise the package is kept in the guest room closet. It's only Kel and I so when we are down to 2 rolls on the stack we refill the stack. I HATE being a guest in a home where I have to figure out where extra rolls are hidden. Surprisingly, K and I both prefer the Aldi TP Soft and's similar to Quilted Northern at about 40% of the cost.

Stephanie said...

Fragrant Roses, a friend of mine has a basket on the back of the toilet with extra TP. I'd love to do something like that but for now we keep GermX there. Right now I prefer Charmin Basic. It's cheaper but still thick enough not to feel like sand paper. :)

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