Monday, May 10, 2010

I finished a 5k race!!!

I did it!  I completed a New Year's Goal!!!

You might remember my crazy plan to run a 5k this year.  Well, May 2nd has come and gone and I walked/ran the race.  I wasn't fast or graceful but I accomplished 1 of my goals for the race - I finished it!

The finish line was in front of the hotel where our church meets each Sunday.  It worked out great for Joel and the kids to go to church and then cheer me on just as I got to the end. (The blue dot in the middle is me.)

The clock on the right is for the 5k.  It shows 53:08 but my "official" time was 52:35.  I wasn't last but only by about 30 people; which I am totally OK with.

The members of Ocean State Runners.  Jess and Maria did awesome and left me in the dust.  We each have our own special medical issues so we joked that we should have called ourselves Ocean State Invalids.

The weather was beautiful, the people were friendly, and I had a great time.  So, my first goal for this 5k was to complete it.  I've done that. 

My second goal was to raise $600* for Jenefer Sarrosa, a student in Compassion International's Leadership Development Program.  I need your help to complete this goal!

Will you give $5 for each mile I walked/ran?  That's just $15.

Here's how you give today:
  • Visit
  • Fill out the Sponsor form.
  • Write a check to 'Compassion International' with ' Sarrosa' on the memo line**.
  • Mail the check to:, 864 Diamond Rim Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.
Thank you for supporting me and Jenefer as we accomplish our goals! 

*$600 covers Jenefer's costs (tuition, room, board, misc.) for 2 months.
** Donations to Compassion International are tax deductible. 


stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...


Jenn said...

Awesome!! Congratulations!! Job well done!

Carrie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I registered the other day and I will stick a check in the mail! =)

GOOD JOB!!! =D That's awesome!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thanks Carrie!!!

cassie said...

Good for you! Just thinking about such a thing makes my body ache!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Good for you! Feels so good to accomplish a goal doesn't it?

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