Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A recap of the last full week of April.

I've noticed a trend on my calendar. Apparently, I schedule as much as possible into a week rather than spreading things out. I don't intend to do this. In fact, I'd rather spread my activities out a little because I've become a serious homebody, but somehow it keeps happening.

As an example I give you last week.

Monday: Dermatologist appointment. I had a bump on my left calf that seriously got in the way of shaving. My doctor said it wasn't anything to be concerned about but it was a nuisance. So I had it removed. That's a nice way of saying SHE CUT A BIG OL' PLUG OUT OF MY LEG! The bump was slightly larger than a pencil eraser and perfectly round. Apparently it had roots cause by the time she was finished I had about 10 stitches in an incision over an inch long! I knew there would be stitches. I knew there will be a scar. I didn't realize it would be so large. It addition to being large, it hurt when the shot wore off! So I mostly sat around the rest of Monday and Tuesday. Not good. I had plans that did not include sitting around.

Wednesday: Obstetrician appointment. Also known as, A Big Fat Waste of Time. I remember being so excited about every OB appointment with my first two children. I was even OK with them for the third. Now, it is an annoyance. I got to drive 15 minutes, sit in the waiting room for 5 minutes, pee in a cup, have my blood pressure and weight checked and then wait in the exam room for 10 minutes. The doctor introduced herself (remember I've changed groups), used the doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat (which is the ONLY reason I go), and I was on my merry way home. BORING. Next month will be more exciting. I'll be having the regular mid-way ultrasound done. All the kids will go with us. Ellie won't understand but I think Will is old enough he may remember it when he's grown. = ) In case you are wondering, we will be finding out the boy/girl answer. I'm not sure yet if we are going to tell anyone. ; ) Yes, I know that's wrong and it's purely to aggravate those folks who refuse to find out what there babies are but always want to know mine. I'm mean like that sometimes.

Thursday: I spent the day cleaning house and washing all the laundry I was behind on. I had a ladies Bible study that night but had already decided I would not have enough energy to go. I was very right!

Friday: Our friend, Mike, flew in from Kentucky for his grandmother's 90th birthday party. His parents live around the corner from us and already had a house full so he asked to stay with us. We kindly allowed him the use of our extremely lumpy futon and cold basement. Joel enjoyed hanging out with his friend all weekend. My guys were very taken with "Mr. Mike," who showed great patience with all of Will's questions and conversation.

Saturday afternoon: I attended/co-hosted a wedding shower for 3 young ladies in my church. I ate a ton (now I'm craving tortilla chips!), and laughed and talked, and shared some of the "wisdom" that nearly 11 years of marriage has provided. (Remember, ladies, he's a man - he can't read your mind!).

Sunday: We attended church. After church we dropped "Mr. Mike" off at his parents' house and they took care of getting him to the airport. My guys were so disappointed not to be able to take him to the airport. After a quick lunch we all took naps. Mine last for about 3 hours!

Monday: More napping! I didn't realize how tired I was from last week. Tired and some of the nausea has returned. It hasn't helped that we woke up to rain. And more rain. And more rain.

Tuesday: I met Amy and her kids, in the rain, at Ben & Jerry's for our annual free ice cream cone. We thought they opened at 11 am. Sadly, no. Noon was the correct answer. So we loaded up, drove down the street to Burger King and let the kids play on only one of two indoor playlands in the entire state of Rhode Island. Joel's office just happens to be on the same street so we picked him up on the way back to B & J's. Free ice cream with some of my favorite people. That's what I call a good time. We came home and more napping took place. The rain finally stopped about supper time. I'm holding out hope my guys can play outside tomorrow but I'm thinking the mud might be too much for us.

The rest of this week is free and clear. Next week is another story. Miss Julie (our Parents as Educators worker) comes to visit, I get my stitches out, and the boys have a camping trip with folks from our church. Like I said, I schedule everything for the same week.


Amy said...

Enjoy your week "off"! Today was fun. Who knows, maybe we'll make it back for Free Ice Cream on Mother's Day!:) Or, maybe we'll choose naps after church that day instead...

Alicia said...

Wow, that sounds SO painful! I'm so sorry it was bigger than expected. I was going to do the free B&J, but I would have had to go to the other side of San Diego & it just wasn't worth it. Tomorrow is 31 cent night at Baskin Robbins, so we'll probably try that. Maybe they're not nationwide?

mer said...

Hi Stephanie...

I was so glad to see your blog in my reader! Wowza...you've been busy!

Glad your appointment went well, but sorry the nausea is back.

I missed out on the free ice cream deal. The closest B&J's is 40 minutes from here.

Hope you have a good rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Reading this post makes me want to take a nap! You are a busy-busy woman. Sorry to hear about the bump on your leg - that did not sound fun. And that the nausea is back - that is definitely NOT fun.

I do have to say I am SOO jealous about B&J's ice cream. Don't think we even have one around here - so no free ice cream for us. All we have is Dairy Queen - which is good, but NOT at all the same. sigh


fullheartandhands mama said...

Yikes! Hope you get to rest up for next week.

By the way, thanks for your encouraging comment today.

Billie said...

Good to see you back!

I think I mentioned this, but we found out with Christian and didn't tell anybody. Of course, I must have let it slip by saying "he" here and there, because some of my friends just knew. But our family had no idea. By parents really thought we were having a girl. It was sooo much fun! (although I think we annoyed everybody;)

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