Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Too many choices. My head is spinning!

Today I casually mentioned in an email that I've been thinking through all our different room/bed options for after the new baby comes in October. My friend, Alicia, kindly said she was interested in hearing my thoughts and that it might make a good blog post. All you spontaneous people go ahead and laugh now. My husband thinks I'm a little crazy for already thinking through all of this. He can laugh and shake his head now. He'll thank me later. So, let's see if you can follow my convoluted thinking and what your recommendation is.

First, you need to understand some things:
* 3 bedroom house.
* Master bedroom is the largest. I have fairly large furniture in there. I do NOT have a master bathroom. = (
* Boys' room has more sq. footage than Ellie's but because of window and door placements actual usable space is smaller.
* Ellie's room has the largest closest. (None are walk-ins!)
* My hubby hates to paint. The boys' room is close to a primary yellow. Ellie's room has always been our nursery. Thus it was painted a blue (for Will). Sort of a hydrangea blue NOT baby blue. I've been unable to decide what to decorate with for Ellie so I just took out all the boy stuff and left everything else. Joel has agreed to paint if this is a girl. At least that's what I heard when we talked about it. = )
* The boys each have a twin bed on a frame but no headboards.
* Ellie (18 months) sleeps in a crib but it's only a matter of time before she climbs out.

Got all that? Good. Here's my thinking and options.

1. If the new baby is a girl then we will buy Ellie a twin bed like the boys', possibly with a trundle bed. I will choose a new color of paint and decorate the room all girly. = ) This is by far the simplest solution and my favorite.

The rest are for if the new baby is a boy. Now comes the confusion.

2. Leave everything the way it is. Pick a neutral theme that goes with the current blue. Ellie gets a twin bed, possibly trundle. Pray we have a new (4 bedroom) house in the next 5 years or sooner.

3. Go ahead and switch the rooms now. The yellow room (boys' current) will be a little tight with all the baby furniture but it is do-able.
a. Move boys' twins with the idea of bunkbeds when the baby is big enough to join them. Buy Ellie a new bed w/ or w/o a trundle. This idea seems like a lot of work that we could put off for 5 years or so. = ) I don't know how we'd fit all that furniture in that room.
b. Leave one bed in the yellow room. Buy a trundle for the other one in the boys' room. Ben can sleep in the trundle. His friend Mia does this so I think he'd really like it. Plan to buy bunkbeds when Baby is big enough to join brothers. Again, seems like a lot of work that we can put off for 5 years. BUT, it would save buying a whole other bed. Just buying a trundle.
c. Buy bunkbeds for the boys now. Store one set of boxsprings & frame in the basement. They would LOVE having bunkbeds. Will is almost 5 and Ben is 3 so I have NO worries about their climbing abilities or falling out. Then when Baby is old enough to join them we'll only need one twin mattress for him.

4. Buy a twin bed w/ or w/o trundle for Ellie in her current room. Leave everyone where they are for 5 years (or until they are big enough Ellie and baby brother need separate rooms). Then put bunkbeds and a twin bed in the master bedroom. We'd move to the blue room and Ellie would move to the yellow room. I hate the thought of giving up my master room. Not because it's so big (it's not). But because it's on the backside of the house and thus quieter. = )

5. Slightly different version of #3b. Move one twin bed to the yellow room for Ellie now. Buy a trundle for the remaining twin bed in the yellow (boys' room). Reevaluate in 5 years.

I have to tell you, writing out all my "options" has really helped me not be so confused in my thinking. Though you maybe totally confused by now. Sorry about that.

I think we'll end up doing #1, #2, or #5. So, what have you done? What would you do?


fullheartandhands mama said...

Totally confused!

I'd pray for a girl! :)

Heather said...

LOL.. I'm totally this way. I went into our new house with more bedrooms but determined to keep a boys room and a girls room. My friend thinks I'm crazy..

Anyway, before I(we) got pregnant I purchased a bunk bed set for the boys room and a twin with trundle for the girls room. This way we had both options. Somehow I planned on the baby being a boy.. I think it was more of a prayer.... lol..
So I was preparing for the next baby even before it was conceived. You can't be that crazy and confusing .. I beat you by a mile.

mer said...

I love you, friend, but this makes my head hurt. I'll trust you to figure it out! :)eq

Alicia said...

And the important thing? You getting it all out has actually helped your thinking. I think you're already kind of "leaning". I like the idea of the boys taking the master once they're all 3 together. I guess the real question is do they have any toys in their room? I find that in general my "stuff" doesn't actually take up much room, but when the kids' toys are out they actually need floor space. Since you have the basement, though, that may be a moot point. I totally loved that you blogged this! It will be so cool once you know the gender and what you actually decide to do to see all the ideas you had.

stephanie said...

I think we have it easier since we have only one room. :) A couple thoughts ... when will you put the baby in with Ellie? From the get go? If not, you could put him/her in your room in a bassinet or Moses basket for the few few weeks/months. I've done that with #2 and #3 and it was easier on me, and baby had a spot (the master room) where she could nap and I could shut the door. (Instead of trying to juggle her sleeping all the time with big girls in and out of her room).

Also, keep Ellie in that crib as long as possible! :) Just easier on you in the long run, although it is prolonging the inevitable training to sleep in the big-girl bed that we are doing right now with Natalie. Not bad, but just constant. :)

Sounds like you have some good ideas though!!

Amy said...

Yes, your brain should hurt! :) After much thought and study of the options, a Baby Girl will be the easiest (at least as far as sleeping arrangements--not necessarily in other ways, but decorating would be fun!!!). Of course, with a boy you've got several options for which you can be thankful! Considering that you're really thinking option 2 or 5, I think I'd go with 5. Assuming I'm remembering my options correctly that would mean you only need to buy the trundle and a mattress which is cheaper than a bed/boxspring/mattress. This would also buy you more floor space for the boys room. In the long run, you keep your option of bunk beds for the future with flexibility for the trundle. Did you know the trundle will pop up even with your twin creating a king size bed? That would work for guests if you ever had a place for it and them! :) Also, if you buy a whole bed now then it would be more difficult to think about spending the money for bunk beds someday since you'd just have to store an entire bed set.

That said, if God should bless you with Baby #5...no, I won't go there with the options! :)

Thanks for letting me think about this. I'm sure you'll make a GREAT decision whatever you guys choose! Can't wait to see how it unfolds!

Either way, Boy or Girl, I'd love to hear your "theme" and color ideas when you get there. My guess if that you've already been thinking along these lines--but one decision at a time! :)

Better run--I've written you a book!

Julie said...

Now, I'm even more dizzy! I have no advice, except pray for a girl. At least the sleeping arrangements will be easier! I hope you're starting to feel better. The fact that you can think up these scenarios is a good sign. I had to get a tent-like thing to put over the crib for both Alex and Olivia. The boy started climbing out at 10 months. (Big thud in the middle of the night, followed by screaming). At least Olivia waited until she was 12 months. (And I had the tent ready to go) Oh, the memories!

Billie said...

yes, youb did confuse me, but I'm very tired so that is not too hard. I vote for a girl;)

Christian didn't have a room for the 1st 4 or so months. He slept in our study/alcove off of our master bedroom. He slept in the swing...he just slept wherever I put him.

What about putting Ellie in w/ the boys and give the baby her room...at least for a little while . You could buy the boys bunks and then her bed would fit in their room fine.

PErhaps this is already in your plan, but as I mentioned before, I'm too confused to figure that out;)

To close, I too think through writing it out, so I don't think you are wierd!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am completely impressed that you could think this through and write it out with pregnancy brain.

I don't have pregnancy brain & my head is spinning. I read the options a couple of times. I know what your house looks like & I still wasn't able to follow.

All that to say, I trust that you will make a wise and frugal decision. : )


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