Sunday, April 20, 2008

Permission to relax.

My life has gotten a little out of control lately. Actually it went out of control back in February when I realized I was pregnant and started feeling sick every day. Then we had a not-so-fun stay in the hospital and I've just been trying to survive ever since.

On Friday I finally had a day where I felt like I did more than survive. I think it was mainly because I shut my computer off for the whole day. I accomplished my intended housework, raked some leaves, trimmed a bush, made cupcakes with a son, and watched all three kids enjoy sidewalk chalk in the sunshine. It was a good day.

Saturday was equally nice. We drove to a state park, climbed some rocks, and ate a picnic lunch with some friends. Another good day for our little gang.

All this wonderful family time has me thinking about where blogging fits into my life. Several friends have asked me where I find the time to blog. Basically, it's either after the kids are in bed (and I'm up too late) or during the day and I'm neglecting something else.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy blogging. I like writing. I like making new friends. I like re-connecting with old friends. But somewhere along the way I lost sight of my original purpose - to share our family stories and pictures, along with any other thoughts that pop into my head, with our family and friends.

When I lost sight of that goal, I replaced the fun and joy of blogging with guilt. Guilt that people are checking my blog (some multiple times a day) and I don't have any new content. So I started making myself crazy to get new posts up or just feeling guilt over not having new posts.

Where are all these thoughts headed? I really don't know. I do know that I have an 18 month daughter whose growing leaps and bounds and saying all manner of new words every day. I know I have a 3 year old son who is digging massive holes in my backyard and enthusiastically tells me when he sees a "WORM!" I know I have an almost 5 year old son who is in the beginning stages of learning to read and wants me to watch everything he does. I know I have a husband of almost 11 years who'd like me to spend a little of my time and attention on him. And I know I have a baby growing inside me that I need to prepare my home and family for.

Therefore. I am declaring my freedom from blogging addiction. = ) I'll post when doing so means I'm not neglecting someone in my family. That means I have no idea how often posts will appear. I'm not taking a "break." I'll just post when I can - without guilt when I can't.

Here's a tip. Subscribe to my blog via Google Reader. It's free. If you already have a google account you can get to it through the homepage. It will tell you when I have a new post. Also, ask your tech-person if your email will subscribe that way. We use Thunderbird and can subscribe to all kinds of feeds that way. A notification shows up right in your email.

I can tell you now that posts will be few and far between this week. This week I have 2 appointments, a wedding shower I'm co-hosting, and a friend from out-of-state staying with us this weekend.

In case you're wondering, I am feeling much better these days. I'm tired but who isn't with 3 kids? I feel nauseous from about 3-7 pm which doesn't help Joel get much in the way of supper. = ) And I throw up once every morning. That's actually my tip for all new preggos. Rather than suffer and feel queasy (saltines DON'T help!!), when you know your stomach is empty of food or drink, just go to the bathroom and get rid of all the extra acid in your stomach. You'll feel much better after that and be able to eat.

In other news I received our 2nd bill from the hospital this week. I thought we would be charged an In-Patient co-pay but it is only an ER co-pay. So instead of $700 total we only have to pay $350!!! Yippeeee!

And since I have no creative way of ending this post I'll just say "Bye" for now.


Alicia said...

Enjoy your family, and that is totally what makes the Reader great!

mer said...

I'm so sorry you're still feeling queasy at certain times throughout the day.

And good for you for getting your priorities in order. I realized after my blogging break this week just how much time I spend on the computer, and like you, I've resolved to do better.

Enjoy your week!

fullheartandhands mama said...

Well said. I second it and I'm joining you in blogging only when it doesn't neglect anything else!

Billie said...

oh stephanie. you read my mind. i hate the stronghold that blogging has over me some times...even if it's just checking other blogs...and then I feel my blog is not pretty enough or whatever. i too have felt freedom when i turn off the computer, but then i feel like i'm doing catch up when i turn it back on. i'm trying very hard to get in bed earlier. and to get back to my 1st love...reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I do enjoy reading your blog, and I look forward to the updates that you do add when you have the time. Enjoy your family guilt-free!

: ) Dawn

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Yep--freedom is a good thing.

I reached that point sometime last year. I'm back to more regular posting, but it doesn't bother me a bit if I only get 2 or 3 posts up in a week.

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