Tuesday, April 15, 2008


that's the current total claims for Ben's trip to the E.R., 2 day hospital stay, and out patient colonoscopy. Let that amount sink in a minute.

Twenty-one thousand nine hundred and five dollars.

It's no wonder people go broke from medical bills! Thank the Lord we aren't one of them. We have excellent insurance.

So, out of that $21,905 we will pay $700. $700 so my baby boy doesn't poop blood again. I say that's money well spent!


Alicia said...

$700 sounds SO much better!

mer said...

That sounds a bit ridiculous to me. I'm thankful you only owe a small (relative to the total) amount.

Marc and Charity said...

Wowsers. But at least he was taken care of in a timely manner! :) You are right, you have good insurance!

Anonymous said...

Hospital bills are outrageous, aren't they? We have certainly had our share.

The bill for Emily to spend 6 weeks in the NICU was over 185,000.00. And that was just for room & board! It does not include the bills we received for every test & procedure that was performed. And it does not include the bills we received from every doctor, therapist, x-ray tech, anesthesiologist(sp?), etc. who touched her. (I think we also received some bills from people who just happened to glance at her from across the room!)

We are so thankful for health insurance. Without it, we would be paying that bill for the rest of our lives and enjoying mac & cheese andramen noodles every night. God is an incredible provider!

: ) Dawn

Billie said...

I"m right there with you! I can't wait to see Sierra's bill. Even $700 seems a lot, but it is a blessing compared to what could've been!

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