Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The post you've all been waiting for.

It was never my intention to go this long without posting. I certainly haven't lacked for blog-worthy material! I'll just plead tiredness and leave it at that. Here's a brief synopsis of the last few weeks.

* My hubby turned 33 (love you, Sweet!). My "little" brother turned 30 (I remember bringing him home from the hospital!). And Joel's niece turned one year (where did the year go?!).

* I had the stitches removed from my leg. Joel offered to do it but I declined. I ended up taking all three kids with me (it goes without saying that we were late for a 9 AM appointment!). Will & Ben watched the doctor with fascination as she worked.

* Will cut Ben's hair (but I couldn't tell where). Ben cut Ellie's hair (again, couldn't tell where but combed out LOTS of loose pieces). Ben also cut Ellie's new shirt from Gymboree on the second time she wore it! I was more upset about the shirt than the hair, even if I did get it on sale! There are days when I tell Joel he's lucky he has 3 kids when he gets home - that was one of them!

* Ben is ALMOST potty trained. And Will's "accidents" have gotten fewer lately. It's amazing what kids are willing to do in order to get dessert after supper. We have two incentives going for each boy: go all day dry and get dessert, a potty chart for which they earn stickers.

* Ellie has decided shoes are optional and if she wears them she likes them on the wrong feet.

* Yesterday I looked out my window to see two full moons in my backyard, in the middle of the day no less! This has become quite the trend in the last week or so. They don't want to take the time to go in the house. Hmm... I seem to recall a certain now 30 year old doing something similar. It's that Y chromosome thing again.

* Two of my friends are pregnant and both due in December. Amy's 2 kids are 6 months younger than each of my boys. This time we're only about 6 weeks apart. We've been commiserating a lot. Christie's oldest is 6 months older than Will, her second is almost exactly a year older than Ben, and her third shares his birthday with Ellie. In fact, she called my hospital room from her hospital room after her delivery. It's always more fun to be pregnant at the same time as friends. = )

I think that about catches us up one the last few weeks. Now moving on. Today I had "THE" ob/gyn appointment. An ultrasound. We decided the boys, at least Will, are old enough to understand the pictures of the baby and enjoy going with us for the ultrasound. So Joel took off work this morning and we all trooped to the doctor's office.

Where we waited. And waited. And waited. AN HOUR LATER we made it into the ultrasound room. You understand that my little gang was not on their best behavior after all that waiting! The tech explained that they were running a little behind because the baby before us "wouldn't cooperate." 15 minutes I understand. But an HOUR?! I can't help wondering what would happen if I showed up an hour late for an appointment with them.

Will was fascinated and had lots of questions (when does he not?). We saw the four chambers of the heart, the brain, spinal column, arm bones and leg bones. The baby appears healthy and is growing well. The due date appears accurate from this ultrasound. I find that amazing because my other 3 had due dates moved back, and moved back again, and were still "late."

She said I have a slight placenta previa (placenta is close to the cervix) but she says it's so small she knows it will move out of the way as the baby (and uterus) grows. But to be on the safe side I go back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound. I'll be going alone to that one, taking a book with me, and praying I get to sit in the waiting room alone for an hour. = )

I'm also still 2 pounds under my weight from my first appointment at 8 weeks. The nurse assistant questioned if I've been sick a lot. Not lately. I eat eat whatever I want. She said I need to gain 3-4 pounds every month from now on. She recommended nightly ice cream sundaes, cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers and granola bars. I found it interesting that she did not recommend food high in nutrients, just high in calories. Lest anyone get worried, let me assure you this is the way I do pregnancy. The pounds will start coming soon. But I only gain 20-25. Mainly because I try to eat when I'm hungry instead of the 17 jillion snacks "they" say to eat all day. Don't get me wrong. I eat whatever I want.

I find it funny that my first pregnancy I followed all the dietary guidelines and gained about 28 pounds. And birthed a 6.5 pound baby. The other two I followed my own plan, gained just over 20 pounds, and birthed a 9 pound 9 ounce and a 8 pound 11 ounce baby. Hmmm... I wonder who's plan works better? Then there's poor Joel who gains 10 pounds with each pregnancy but doesn't get the benefit of delivery and nursing. = )

Moving on. Here for your viewing pleasure is Baby #4 at 17 weeks 4 days. Can you tell what you are looking at?

***Just in case you're wondering. Baby #4 is a boy. Which I totally knew already because this pregnancy has been so like Will & Ben's. I will do some serious evaluating of our room options while we are on vacation next week (not that I haven't already been thinking things through!). It's a little wild to think I'm the mom of THREE boys. But I'm ok with that. = ) In case you are wondering about names, that hasn't been settled yet. I'll let you know when it is...maybe. = )


Amy said...

Praising God...what great ultrasound news!!!! A boy, no big surprise, but nice to be confirmed. Maybe (when I feel better) I'll give your diet a try. Sounds liek it works! :) On another note, an hour for an ultrasound! That is criminal, especially if they made you drink! At least if you're late for an appointment you really shouldn't feel bad--hey, maybe you'll actually be right on time! Congratulations! A healthy baby...:) Now I am heading to bed!

mer said...

I'm SO glad you posted...I was just thinking about you the other day and thinking that I hadn't heard from you in awhile.

Love your ultrasound pictures, and am thankful that all went well there. Wow...3 boys. If anyone can do it, I know you can!

Alicia said...

Fun news, and I'm so glad you didn't keep us in suspense! I'll be back soon to comment on your entire post, but as Dan is gone yet again I must get to bed to ensure I have energy for yet another day! Love you!

Rachel said...

Boys are great...we have three boys and a girl too....same order as yours. Nathan is a great name- it means gift from God!

stephanie said...

Congratulations!!!! So glad to get an update and hear that everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

Well, you really know how to keep us in suspense! The whole time I was reading I thought "Is she going to tell us the sex of the baby?". I know that makes me a bit of a hypocrite since I didn't find out with Emily, but I can live with that. : )

So what is up with the boys & scissors? And the backyard antics? Too funny - boys do make life interesting, don't they? I actually made a comment on Joel's blog about the day when Ben cut Ellie's hair & shirt. I am impressed that you exercised self-control & did not "remove" him from the family.

I am interested to hear the baby name you pick (if you decide to share, of course).


Marc and Charity said...

I am so glad to hear from you, been thinking about you and hoping you were okay.

Congrats on healthy baby and another boy!!! Bless you :) For raising 3 boys. :)

I wish I had been told "eat more ice cream" when I was pregnant!!! The nice thing here in the UK is that they do not weigh you when you are pregnant. They say, it puts too much pressure on the mom. So, I have no clue how much I gained with Cerys, but I think it was around 30 pounds. I did about that if not a bit more with Bailey b/c I was back in TX and ate whatever I wanted...not a good idea.

Sarah said...

Congrats on another baby boy!!

I also greatly appreciate your postings of your kids antics, knowing that it's not only my kids who do those kinds of things. :)

And just commenting on Charity's post- why can't the US clue in what the UK does about the weight issue?

Billie said...

it was so good to hear from you . i miss you popping in on my blogs everyday;) you really did kick the habit!

i have to admit..i ignored half of your post to get to announcement! congrats!!! 3 boys sounds fun! and perhaps this is good fuel to try for 5...ha ha. i'm sure that sounds like torture right about now.

ok. now i will go back and finish the rest of your post!!!

Julie said...

Congrats on the baby boy! Pretty soon you'll have 3 moons in your backyard! (You know it will be one of the first things the boys teach him) I'm so glad you revealed the sex. I never found out with my three, but for some reason I always want to know what other people are having. Now go eat some ice cream!

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