Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Letter to the 18 year old me on the 15th anniversary of my high school graduation.

To the 18 year old me,

Today you are graduating from High School. Enjoy the day. Have fun with your friends. Give your Grandmas extra hugs because you only have four more years with them. And as an FYI avoid the spiral curl hot rollers, it's NOT a good look for you.

Don't stress the lack of dates in college. That Joel guy will finally come to his senses before your senior year starts. And skip the late night munching and high carb foods at Walt's. The extra 20 pounds will be hard to get rid of. One other thing - major in Home Economics. History and political science won't be very helpful in your day-to-day life 15 years from now.

Speaking of life in 15 years. You are not going to believe yours! You live in Rhode Island. Yep, surrounded by Yankees. You even sound like one (at least to Southern ears). You own a comfortable house, ranch style which you will still dislike. And you will be pregnant with your 4th child.

That reminds me, you're going to want children after you've been married for 3 years. Joel won't be ready for a few years beyond that so relax and enjoy the freedom. Sleep in. Take spontaneous day trips. And enjoy being a couple with few responsibilities.

'Cuz once the babies start coming that will all change. In fact, 15 years from today you will wipe poop off a little boy's legs and tush, scoop it up off the floor with only a wipe, use your hand to make sure it all rinses off his underwear in the sink and clean it off the foot of his big brother - all before breakfast. I'm proud to say you won't even gag or think twice about it. But, I will spare you the stories of catching vomit with your hand and wiping boogers with your fingers. I know 18 year-old girls have their limits. Let's just say what is unthinkable for you now will become a source of amusement in 15 years.

Last but not least, enjoy fried catfish and hushpuppies and a Sonic Route 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper every chance you get. Those things aren't found in Rhode Island but you will crave them often.

Much love,
The 33 year-old me


mer said...

I totally relate to the catfish/hushpuppies thing, but NO SONIC??? Are you serious? I had a vanilla dr. pepper this afternoon (happy hour) and even bought a bag of Sonic ice (splurge). Had I known you couldn't get that I would have drank it in your honor. Bummer for you. And I don't mean that in any way to be condescending. I'm deeply saddened for you.

And would you believe that I've been out of high school for 20 years?? How is that possible?

Sarah said...

I totally commiserate with you on the Sonic thing. Hubby looked one up that is about 45 minutes from here but with the outrageous gas prices and taking up at least 2 hours of my day it's not really an option at this point.

Amy said...

Great post! If only we had known (and yet we ALL understand why God reveals His plans little by little)! :) Sounds like quite a morning. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Oh, the things we could tell our younger selves! As Amy said there is a very good reason we don't know how things will turn out ahead of time. We would probably run for the hills.

I can relate to your Sonic woes. As a transplanted yankee - I miss many things from RI that I just cannot get here in KY - Del's Lemonade, Clam Cakes, Casserta's pizza, etc. sigh


Anonymous said...


I had to laugh OUT LOUD when I read what you wrote about taking a book and PRAYING that you have an hour wait next time. I have SO prayed that prayer!!!! :) ...more than once I'm sure. :) Those often seem to be the days when the office is running right on schedule for me. :)

I agree that it's exciting to be pregnant at the same time. I just found out that our Children's Pastor's wife is two weeks ahead of me...due December 2nd.

Exciting ultrasound news!!! :)I'm so ready to find out so I can commence with the planning. And I love the note to yourself....Wow! It HAS been 15 years since hs graduation!!! Wow!

Have a great day! Christie C in NC (Christie is such a common name I always wonder if you'll know which Christie since I happen along sporadically.) :)

Ter said...

Thanks for popping by my blog and for your comment.

If only I could warn my high school self about what's to come.... So, did your high school self listen to your current self?

Megan said...

I found your blog from mer's. I loved this post. It makes me wonder what I would look back and tell my now-self. Get off the computer and go enjoy your three-year-old who isn't going to stay this way too much longer!! :)

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Love this.

And yeah--we NEED Sonic here in New England.

Billie said...

Hey...i thought of you when i read this post today. i read her blog everyday...she has 6 kids and homeschools (well at least did and does so now with a few of them) I thought I'd send you the link quick.

hope you are growing and doing well!

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