Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's the most important thing on a date?

Date Night!!

Yes, it really does need capitals and exclamation points. Date nights are few and far between at my house so they are cause for excitement.

As I dressed for our recent night out I suddenly realized my thoughts about the evening centered around the restaurant and food, not my husband. It was the cheese fries, steak, and dessert that I anxiously anticipated.

Is a date still a date without food?

What is wrong with me that I'm more excited about greasy potatoes covered in dairy products than I am about 3 hours with the undivided attention of my college sweetheart?!

Isn't a date or night out with friends supposed to be about your relationship, not what you eat?

Wouldn't date night, Girls Night Out, or a party be just as meaningful without food?

That night I realized my attitude toward food and events needed to change.

My handsome husband of 15 years on our date.

Today I'm focusing on relationships at events instead of food. It's a slow change in perspective but one that will help me live a healthier lifestyle. And that's a good thing.

Do you go out with friends for the food or for the relationships?

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Keri Hespeler said...

I would say it's about the relationships when I'm with my girlfriends- since it's so rare that I get to see them. A dinner out with the family? Definitely about the food!

Carrie said...

Great question! For me it's also about the relationships when it comes to girlfriends, but in the past few weeks I've been doing the same mental shift as yourself. It's NOT about the food. That's just a pleasant addition that should be put in it's place -- last place!

fragrantroses said...

Awww Stephanie, you're killin' me here.

Okay honestly. When I am out with my chickies....it's fun, fellowship and food. The ugly honest truth.

My husband and I are empty nesters so for us, every day is datelike. However I don't always have his undivided attention. So I would say half and half...our favorite date is driving with a soda in the cup holder and no destination in sight. However gas prices are limiting that. We have a favorite deli that sells the best tea. We like to curl up in the corner with our glasses of tea, and talk. But yes, there are times that we go out and the whole purpose is the food. We want that chicken fried steak! Okayyyy I want the chicken fried steak.

But like I said with women, when we say let's socialize...it means lets go eat OR lets have a potluck....OR who's baking for this one.

I have so much damage to undo.

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