Monday, January 3, 2011

I have a question. Do you have an answer?

Next week I am speaking to a local MOPs group about blogging.  One or two ladies already blog.  I have about half an hour to speak to them and will have my laptop hooked up to a projector so they can see what I'm doing.

So I have a couple of questions:

If you are new to blogging (and going to be in my audience), what would you want me to talk about?

If you are a blogging expert, what tips, ideas and links do you think I should tell them?  What do you wish someone had told you in the beginning?

Thanks for your help!!!


Ann said...

I'm far from an expert, but from a reader's perspective, I would include this: Stop every 6 months to evaluate what the purpose of the blog is. Is it to earn money? Is it to promote something specific? Is it simply for your own personal enjoyment? I have seen far too many bloggers become sidetracked by continually flip-flopping in the purpose of their blog. Try to stick to the evaluated purpose, and if the purpose changes, make that clear to readers.

Having this regular re-evaluation also helps the blogger withstand the continual barrage of uncertainty that comes with the question of "am I doing this right?" If you are accomplishing your personally desired purpose with your blog, then you are doing it "right." It might not be the way others do it, but that's okay. A blog is personal, and it can reflect your personality.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Couple of things come to mind...

1. Establish a purpose. I started blogging to keep our family and friends updated on what was happening in our lives one thousand miles away. I think that's still my basic purpose.

2. Don't say anything you think you might regret later.
Keep it positive.

3. Decide how anonymous you want to be. I didn't start out being vague enough about where we live and I used our last name. I regret that now, but the info is already out there (and can't be completely retracted!)

4. Put a sitemeter on your blog so you have an idea of who is viewing your site.

5. Enjoy. It's really a fun way to connect with other women/moms/etc.

Linda @ Country Road Faith said...

Decide ahead of time how much time you have to devote to your blog.
Set limits so you can get other things accomplished. Don't leglect family, "me time", and housework.
Have someone evaluate your site every now and then. Change things. Appreciate commentors.
That's about it.
Linda from Ark.

Annette W. said...

I would suggest starting a brand new email account for a blog.

Consider screen names for children if you are uncomfortable with anyone/everyone reading each word.

Great idea to help with MOPS!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

These are all great ideas!! Thank you ladies.

Anonymous said...

I read another mom's thoughts about blogging over the weekend and quoted it below. What makes this particularly poignant is that this mom who wrote this passed away last Sunday morning around 5:30 am. In her blog she is worrying about whether she is sounding like a "bragger blogger" or whatever...and I hear people mention this in the blog world sometimes...but in reality, WHAT A TREASURE her children, her husband and WE have because this lady chose to take time to blog. I love to read what she typed here because I completely LOVED every word she wrote and read EVERY word of her blog in her last days and was so encouraged and challenged in my own role as a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter and child of God. Her blog is so beautiful and I'm so glad she chose to continue when she started to feel weird about blogging!!! Her blog continues as her husband updated today with a copy of what he said at her Celebration Service (funeral) just yesterday.

What I take away from this blog is kind of the same as others have said...basically don't get side-tracked by the blog rules that others make up...or let the way people can be critical of a particular way of blogging discourage what I am writing. This sweet lady wrote so that they could print it out for their children and to update family and friends. She had NO idea that God would use this blog to impact complete strangers.

I love blogging...though I don't do it that often. I think if I did it every day I'd feel differently about it. I just have things sometimes that I want to record and use it like a journal. I kept a private blog for awhile, but then I decided the comments of friends and family might encourage me to write more...and it definitely did. My mom wrote asking me for more pictures and updates and I think that's why I made my blog public again. I don't have a lot of comments, but I get emails from people who read and who remind me sometimes that they haven't heard from me lately. I love having this place to record things and often have a blog or two floating around in my brain that I am looking for a time to post! It's nice to be able to complete SOMETHING in my day since the laundry, meals and caregiving are ongoing. :) I think of it as a very nurturing thing, too. be able to record the little things that have come from being with 4 incredible little people on a daily basis! It's really such a joy to get this front-row seat to see the development of 4 little people, created by God and entrusted to my care! ..and to have the privilege of being married to my wonderful husband and look back and see all of the stuff of life we have been through together. All of this inspires me to write and not worry about "the rules." :)
from Christie at
(I'll send the quote in another comment)

Anonymous said...

Here's the quote from the blog I mentioned:

"**to end this post, i do know that i haven’t posted in a while– i just haven’t been in the mood to blog. i have some mixed feelings about blogging right now. i don’t want to be a “blogger bragger”— my comments up at the top of this post would lead you to think that i am a blogger bragger. (friends who blog–don’t get me wrong, i like reading yours…i just know that sometimes blogs can begin to sound self-absorbed) i ONLY write about the good things that happen or the “moments” that we have as a family- believe me, we have our “other moments too” i just choose not to write about the day we were going to McDs and had to turn around and go home b/c our kids couldn’t get along, or the ways we feel like we fail or we’re ‘winging it’ with our kids- etc.

so, here is why i blog ( to be clear, as mud probably): I started this blog as a fun way to connect with friends and family who I don’t see often. When I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, honestly–people really do want to know how we are doing–physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. SO, to ramble on–i use it to update people–it’s much easier to type it once than say it 200 times. I use it to connect to other cancer survivors—-it’s possible to have a pretty normal life in the midst of this disease—the breast cancer statistics are Staggering (1 in 8?)–so some people I know will either get it or have someone they are close to get it—so maybe they’ll remember some of my journey? I also want to be someone who lives out my faith. I don’t want to go through all this for nothing–so if someone can read about my faith during this trial and grow in their relationship with God- that is what I want! Also, I do hope that we print this blog out someday so that my kids can have it. (i’m not a journaler)—-i want them to have a record some of the FUN we have, some of those “moments”–and I want them to see how much i really do believe in God— (notice I said “believe” and “have” –the present tense is VERY intentional)

Do I think you want to read all about every little thing I write about? No..I really don’t. That’s why I am labeling the Health Updates–as UPDATES….. OK, now that’s all off my chest–now I just might blog a little more. I was feeling funny thinking some of you might be like… “Really? I don’t want to read all that….” :)"

quote copied from

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What an exciting opportunity! I cannot wait to hear how it goes.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thanks for all your tips and encouragement! Unfortunately the event was canceled and I won't be speaking. But I might be able to use these great ideas in a blog post. Thanks again!!

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