Friday, January 14, 2011

Cumberland Caverns :: Family Fun Friday

n.  One who explores caves chiefly as a hobby; a caver.

For about 2 hours my family became spelunkers at Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee.  Well, as much as one can be a cave explorer from the safety of the marked mile and a half trail.

Our guide, Jessica, did a great job of patiently answering our questions and explaining the various rock formations to us.

The guided tour takes about 1.5 hours and is a hike through the large cavern.  We only saw a small portion of the caves that exist.  Another type of tour takes you through areas that have no electric lights and require fitting through small openings.  You understand why we didn't opt for that one!

This was the first real cave my children have toured.  They were suitably impressed!  It's amazing how many different rock formations there are to see on and in our world.  Through the whole tour and for hours after we all marveled at the creativity of God.

Even Sam did great on this tour.  There were parts where we had to climb up and down steep steps cut into the rocks.  He insisted on doing it himself (while holding a hand for support).  I'm not sure if it was because he had fun climbing the steps or if it was because he's 2 years old.  Either way, Daddy and I were glad not to carry him for the 1.5 miles!

We had a great tour at Cumberland Caverns near McMinnville, TN.  I highly recommend taking your children.  It's worth the price of admission.

What caverns or caves have you visited?  Are there any near your home?


Carrie said...

We did pretty good the one time we explored a cave. Except I think we drug it out too long for our youngest and it was well past nap time when we were trying to exit the cave (with an inconsolable child!) But it was sure fun and interesting! We'll have to try again when they are just a LITTLE bit older!

Amy said...

Sounds fun! We've never explored a cave but I have no doubt my crew would love it! Thankful you were able to go!

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