Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visiting Washington, DC on Family Fun Friday

When thinking of Independence Day, I can't help recalling our recent trip to Washington, D.C. where so much of our National Mall is dedicated to the men and women who gave their lives for freedom.

That sounds so solemn and serious, doesn't it?  Our trip was anything but that!

After riding the Metro into the city we began walking towards the White House.  We didn't make it far before being stopped by police.  No, we didn't do anything wrong.  There was a Presidential motorcade coming down the street!  Regardless of your feelings toward our current President, seeing him drive down the street is pretty exciting!

Eventually we made our way to the White House.  Tours require advance reservations through your Representative so we satisfied ourselves with gawking through the fence.

After taking the mandatory dozen pictures we walked up toward the Washington Monument.  I say toward because there is a small grove of trees near the Monument that we used for a brief picnic.  You have no idea how amazing it is for me, just a country Arkansas girl, to have a picnic at the foot of the Washington Monument!

Joel and I opted out of the elevator ride to the top of the Monument and started toward the Lincoln Memorial.  We didn't make if very far before a helicopter flew over our heads and landed on the White House lawn.  Oh, yeah!!  You know I took pictures!!!  Talk about exciting for these tourists!

Once the excitement flew away, we continued walking to the Lincoln Memorial.  I think this is my favorite Memorial in the entire city.  President Lincoln was an incredible man who served his country well and paid dearly for that service.  I don't think it's possible to honor him too much.

From there we walked back up the Mall towards the Capitol Building.  Unfortunately, the little people in our family gave out before we got there so my pictures of it are from far away.

After spending 4 hours walking the National Mall, we decided to take the Metro back to our van and go eat supper.  Even though we only saw a small fraction of what D.C. has to offer it was a VERY fun day!!  My children are too small at this point in time to really understand what they saw and did but I made a promise to us all - we're coming back in 10 years and spending a week just touring the sights!!

What does Independence Day make YOU think of?  How are you celebrating this year?


Carrie said...

We're hoping to secure a tour of the White House before we go in August.

We're definitely looking forward to exploring this wonderful and historical city!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Carrie, if you have any questions about touring the area with kids - you know where to find me. :)

One thing I didn't mention on the blo (at least I don't think I did) is that the Natural History Museum (Smithsonian) should be renamed the National Evolution Museum. We had 30 minutes before they closed and only looked at the marine and mammal exhibits. Every single sign has some reference (either specific or implied) to evolution. It was very frustrating since Will can read.

I've come to exhibit evolution on things in a secular setting but to have it on everything seemed like overkill to me.

Amy Haynes said...

Lincoln Memorial is my favorite too! When you go in 10 years be sure to visit Ford's Theatre...also a favorite. Very timely post...

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