Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Friendly's

Dear Friendly's,

Just a note to say thank you for the delicious FREE ice cream in June.  We drove straight to our local restaurant right after a T-ball game.  After sitting/ playing in the sun for an hour the cold ice cream cone really hit the spot!

We appreciated the variety of flavors you made available as well as the options of cones or cups.  We selected soft serve chocolate, chocolate chip, and chocolate chip cookie dough - all in waffle cones.

Your staff were all friendly, helpful and quick in serving our ice cream.  My children enjoyed seeing the people in costumes and receiving balloons.

My only complaint is that your napkins don't help much when a 19 month old boy is coated in chocolate ice cream.  But that's my complaint, NOT his!! 

Again, thank you for the free ice cream.  I'm sure we'll be in again later this summer.

Your happy customers,

The Stephanie's Mommy Brain Family

Disclosure:  No one asked me to write this post.  It was NOT a part of any promotion.  We simply enjoyed cones on Friendly's Free Ice Cream Day and wanted to share about it.  Mark your calendars now so you can watch for details about Free Cone Day next year.

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