Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Externally motivated by a pedometer?!

In the last 2 months I've come to see just how externally motivated I am.  It's sad really.  And maybe just a little pathetic.

Two months ago my husband bought us each a pedometer.  Since then I've been known to clip it on my belt BEFORE my feet hit the floor in the morning so I can record every possible step.  I also find myself willing to walk a little further into the kids' rooms to put away a toy instead of just dropping it at the door for them to put away - all for the sake of recording a few more steps.

See?  I told you it's really sad.

Wearing a pedometer has been eye opening about how much I move in a day.  Our pedometers (Omron Premium Pedometer, in case you're interested) record number of steps and distance walked (the manual gives a formula for how to configure this) in a day.  On a typical day, WITHOUT EVER LEAVING MY HOUSE, I walk about a mile.  Wow!  That's a lot of back and forth down my short hallway!!

So, on one hand wearing the pedometer has made me feel better about how much I move.  I can see that I'm not just sitting on the couch all day.  But, on the other hand, wearing the pedometer has made me feel that how much I move isn't enough.  I want big numbers on that little gadget!  And for that I have to walk.  And walk.  And walk.

And Heaven help me if I forget my pedometer at home!!  I did that once when I went to the grocery store.  I was sick about.  Just sick!

I guess you could say I love my pedometer.  I wear it everywhere - even to church.

Interested in its features?  Clips to my waist.  Records steps, aerobic steps, calories burned and distance for 7 consecutive days.  Also has a clock, which is great since I don't wear a watch.  And seems pretty sturdy (mine has survived been dropped a couple of times).

Anybody want to join me in a little external motivation to walk more?  I'm available for a friendly pedometer competition.  Just name the start date!

Disclosure:  No goods, services or compensation of any kind were given for this blog post.  My husband researched pedometers several weeks and decided this one was the best on the market for our budget.


Amy Haynes said...

Stephanie, you're making me laugh! Andy got me a pedometer a few years ago but I never got into using it. I do drive the car along my running route to know how far I am going...and always try to run just a little further each time...

Guess I'm not up for some pedometer competition...but I'll let you know if I change my mind! Way to go, my friend!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Amy, how funny that Andy bought you one! I don't think I ever would have wanted one if Joel hadn't bought them. To add to the pitifulness - we have a spread sheet where we enter our numbers each week. I'm really bummed because someone how my numbers from the 4th of July weekend didn't get saved on the spreadsheet and I had around 10,000 steps for those 3 days! :( I found a great website mapmyrun.com that lets you map your route without driving the car along the way.

Carrie said...

=D I'll start a pedometer challenge with you tomorrow (July 14th) to run for two weeks (for starters) to see how far we get?

And I'm laughing because I've also been known to clip the pedometer to me (or just hold it next to my side!) to count all steps from the moment I roll out of bed so as not to waste a one! ;D ha!

Kat said...

Too fun. I can't wear a clip on pedometer at work, so I found one that slips into my pocket. It records my steps, distance, and calories burned. Of course I only put it in my pocket when I go to work, or the mall, and I usually rack up 15,000 steps a day or more. Challenge? If you want to, we can start Sunday. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My iPod nano has a built in pedometer. It's a cool feature! When I charge or sync my iPod, it downloads my steps to my Nike account. It is super motivating. I don't carry it daily but when I was hiking/walking/jogging a ton before my injury it was AWESOME!

I can't compete with you (yet) because I'm not back to normal since my injury. But one day...


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Carrie, bring it on!! :)

Kat, I think I'll pass! You have an unfair advantage. :)

Mer, let me know when you're back to normal! :)

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