Sunday, January 11, 2009

Links for your enjoyment, 1.11.09

Best of 2008 Countdown #5! at No Time for Flashcards. (This is a really fun blog for preschool/toddler activities and crafts. This link will take you to a home made race track. Something my boys would enjoy.)

Best of 2008 Countdown #2! at No Time for Flashcards. (Now I know what to do with broken crayons!!)

Memorable Verses for Children at Heart of the Matter. (A great way to memorize scripture with your kids. Same idea as here, just different verses.)

The Importance of an Emergency Fund at Econobusters. (We saved 3 months living expenses through the course of 2008. I can't recommend this practice enough!)

MOPs Moment: Predator Proofing Your Children at Experiencing Each Moment. (A topic all moms wish we didn't have to think about. An director at a camp for abused children spoke to Alicia's MOPs group and gave them valuable information, including a link to a 55 page PDF workbook.


Amy said...

Thanks for the links! I love the crayon molds! What a fun idea and cheap! Definitely thinking about fun gifts...for family or even for birthday parties! :)

The MOPs link wasn't so enjoyable; however, I am very thankful for it! Something that as you said we don't want to think about but really NEED to think about! Thank you so much!

Enjoy the snow! I love your new "layout" (I don't know the technical term)...

Carrie said...

LOVE your new blog layout and header!!

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