Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Splish Splash Now I Need a Bath!

After a recent rainstorm several small puddles appeared in our backyard. My boys begged to go out and splash in the puddles. Giving into Momma Guilt over my constant naysaying, I acquiesced to their request and grabbed my camera. I'm glad I did.
Ellie loved splashing in this puddle!
She kept picking up and throwing a toy into the puddle as well as jumping and kicking the water.
I finally stripped her down to a diaper. Even her hair is wet!
Side note: she hasn't figured out how to ride the trike.
She sits up on the bar and walks around the yard. This she calls riding.
Can you stand all the cuteness?
A few sprinkles came up while they played. It also "rained" down from the tree. The boys used garbage can lids to keep the rain off. Given they are wearing swimsuits and soaked already I'm not sure why they felt the need for makeshift umbrellas.

So, when was the last time you let your kids play in a mud puddle or something equally messy?


wherever HE leads we'll go said...

SO cute! Looks like they had a blast. Kudos to you for letting them have some fun and get dirty (I know they don't ever get dirty - haha)!

Alicia said...

I love these pictures!!!

Billie said...

i'm there with ya...i am a allowed to be messy mom!

hey...quick does google reader work? is your list of blogs only on your computer or do you sign into an acct and can read them anywhere? i'm thinking of switching if you is such a pain to reenter all of these blogs into my laptop! i don't want to do it again the next time around!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Google reader works like blogger or gmail - you can access it from anywhere. It's fairly easy to set up and user friendly once you get the hang of it. You can categorize your the blogs you read also.

Anonymous said...

The Bean cannot pass a puddle without jumping in it!

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