Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May in a Rambling Review

May was, is, and always will be a super busy month for us. May 2008 did not disappoint.

We started the month on the 5th with my husband's 33 birthday. Gift giving between the two of us has gotten very sad since having children. One year, before Will was born, I surprised him with a flying lesson in a two-seater airplane. Pitifully, I think that may have been the last real present I gave him. This year he took the money and bought his own presents. It got even worse. He didn't want to go out and celebrate. He asked for the money that would have been spent on the meal instead. Too bad for me! I had to cook that night.

On the 10th we had our seasonal furnace/AC inspection. Supposedly some parts of the AC could go out at any time... Joel was here to deal with the guy. That was good cuz here's what I heard. "Yada yada yada, cha ching, cha ching, yada yada, could last for several more years..." Since the cost was several hundred dollars up to about $1000 (if my memory is correct) we chose to wait until it kicks the bucket. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

The 11th was Mother's Day and my brother's 30th birthday. I called my mom only to find her at my brother's house for a combined Mother's Day/Birthday party. Sometimes living 1500 miles away from family really stinks!

We attended a birthday party on the 15th for the one other child who attends our church (by other I mean not Micah or Mia or one of my children). We celebrated his 5th birthday at a local bowling alley. Will had fun; Ben became a little overwhelmed by everyone staring at him and only bowled the last half. My gang had a good time but I think they're still a little young for bowling as a family outing. It lost their attention toward the end, though that might have been due to the knowledge of pizza waiting for them.

Our ultrasound occurred on the 20th. You can read all about it here.

May 25th marked our 11th Wedding Anniversary. 11 years. Wow! We ate dinner at Bertucci's to celebrate. With all 3 kids of course. We had never visited that particular restaurant and I can't say that I was impressed enough to go back anytime soon. It wasn't bad. Just kind of blah. Though somewhat family friendly.

May 25th saw us at our annual church Memorial Day picnic. A brief devotional and lots of grilled food. Yum! A wedding in New York of two church members contributed to a low attendance. But those of us there had a good time.

We celebrated Will's 5th birthday on May 27th. How did that happen?! He is thrilled to be 5. We haven't had his party yet but hope to at the end of June. Schedules just didn't work out this year. The theme will be Pirates. He's big into pirates right now. Think VeggieTales pirates NOT Johnny Depp.

On the same day we drove up to New Hampshire for our first ever (non-extended) family vacation. That's part of the territory with living so far from family - vacations are usually spent going to visit them or having them come to visit us. Sometimes we need to do our own thing. We rented a small cottage, hiked, made s'mores, and enjoyed each other's company. I hope to do a whole post (or 3) on our vacation in the next week or so. I have tons of fun pictures to share. = )


mer said... weren't kidding about May being busy, were you?

We're in the same boat as you are in regard to living far away from family. We're going to Arkansas next month, and while I'm excited about it, I'm also sad that we're not going somewhere a little more exciting.

Can't wait to see your pics!

Amy said...

I would say May was certainly busy...and yet, unusually, I would say your year has been that way! :) Can't wait to see pictures of your trip!

Marc and Charity said...

wow, i'm exhausted reading that. :)

Billie said... excited to see so many recent posts! you are beating me right now!

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