Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last account of our New Hampshire vacation back in May. I promise.

We completely enjoyed our vacation in New Hampshire. Beautiful weather. Fun outings. Comfortable accommodations. And just the right number of days. Hopefully we'll be able to go back again.

I thought this was a fun sign at one of our stops.
The parts of New Hampshire we visited were indeed wild.
The view from our front porch Saturday morning as we loaded the van to head home. We arrived in the rain, enjoyed sunshine for 3 days, and drove home in the rain.
Just on the New Hampshire side of the state line, for North and Southbound traffic on the interstate, is a rest/tourist stop. Also, the NH STATE LIQUOR STORE. I couldn't resist taking a picture. The "safety rest area" is where the bathrooms and tourist info are. This was no small convenience store either. We're talking BIG liquor store here! I couldn't help wondering how many people actually wait until they get home before opening their purchase.

As Joel said, the state motto isn't "Live Free or Die" for nothing.


Amy said...

Great trip...thanks for sharing the pics! :)

Lizz said...

I think I know exactly the store you are talking about. I had the same thought about how many people wait until they get home to open their purchases. Hopefully all of them!

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