Sunday, June 15, 2008

Looking for waterfalls in New Hampshire.

Day Three, Friday, in New Hampshire. We decided more hiking was the order for the day with a theme of waterfalls. So we set out a little before lunch taking our peanut butter sandwiches with us again.

We had a tourist guide describing and mapping many waterfalls in the area. First stop, Ammonoosuc Falls - Lower. We had to hike along a previously paved road about .10 of a mile to reach the falls.
Look at the water line slightly to the left of the large tree in the center of the screen. That pile of branches is a beaver lodge. This find was even more exciting because we had watched an episode of Curious George on PBS the previous day in which George has a run-in with beavers in the woods.
The Silver Cascade is visible from the road. The picture below was taken at the edge of the road. We parked in a scenic look-out lot and hiked up a little ways. The pictures do not do justice to how easy the hike was or how high the falls were.
Water + Rocks + Little boys = Must throw rocks in water.
Our third and final falls was Ripley Falls. At .4 of a mile the hike was our longest for the day. The guidebook said it should take about 20 minutes. Ha! It neglected to mention most of the trail is uphill. For 2 short-legged boys and one slightly pregnant momma this trail was work!!
No problem, we thought. Joel even suggested going on to Arethusa Falls when we started the hike. In defense of his sanity the guidebook had that one at about 1.3 miles. Clearly the sign tells a different story.
That was my thought, too, Ellie!
Ripley Falls
The trail continued by crossing the river/stream/creek using large boulders and fallen trees. It was NOT going to happen with our little team even if we had the energy to go on. Daddy crossed alone and took the above picture from the opposite bank. Can you tell where the trail is?
Climbing the trail out. It's hard to tell where the trail is!
Half-way back to the car Ellie decided a nap was in order.
I was wishing someone could carry me out like that!!

If you'd like a different perspective and pictures of our vacation go visit Joel here. He managed to sum the whole week up in one post. I just couldn't do that! = ) I promise only one day left to write about.


Amy said...

I love waterfalls! Everything...the sounds, the smell, the mist...just a favorite hiking destination for me! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Looks like a beautiful vacation spot! I read Joel's account. Now that is a good husband.

Alicia said...

No worries-I plan on doing 15 days of my trip! By the looks of this day I would hardly call you an outdoor "wannabee". You'll laugh when you read the posts that show our amout of outdoorsyness (word?)

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