Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today's happenings...

Our church is very small by SBC/southern standards. We've only been in existence for about 6 or 7 years (I'm not sure exactly how long since we've only attended for 2 years). We meet in a hotel conference room in down city Providence. The adult service is in one room and the children's church/nursery/Sunday School meets in an adjoining room.

For holiday Sundays the children join the adult service and we have a "Family Service." This usually consists of the pastor or his wife doing a short children's sermon and the pastor preaching a shorter than normal adult sermon (2 of the 7 children who attend are his so he understand the need for short!).

Today was a Family Service. Amy, the pastor's wife, led the children in a retelling of the Nativity Story. She asked what animals would have been in the stable when Baby Jesus was born. Among the answers were a lion (from Will), a duck (from N.), and I think I heard a giraffe mentioned (from Micah). That was one exciting stable!

Then Amy involved the crowd. What a smart idea! We only had about 50 (?) people there so you can imagine the excitement this caused. Mary and Joseph were played by a dignified couple (married only a year-and-a-half). The two shepherds looked pretty much like trouble waiting to happen. And the three wise men were more like the three wise guys.

Everyone enjoyed our own GHCC version of the Nativity! Then during the song service the children all sang the first verse of Away in the Manger. Or rather, Will sang a solo while everyone else looked really cute. Must remember not to let him hold the microphone next time! Here's a picture of Will & Ben warming up for their song before everyone else came into the room for church. See how Will's holding the mic? That's pretty much what the real thing looked like, too.

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) we will open all of our presents and then Tuesday (Christmas Day) we're having folks from church join us for a late lunch (which I am totally buying from Stop and Shop!!!).

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